Friday, January 25, 2013

Five Day Disclosure

Five Days
Right Here
2 boxes for Kleenex (new and used)
Remotes at arm length
Bag of cough drops, throat lozenge etc
Jar of cookie butter for comfort
See spoon tucked into tallow berries for cookie butter?

Space Heater
1 quilt
1 down throw
Robe thrown on chair
Empty water bottle discarded for Howie
My "man" slippers

Howie chewing water bottle

After the bottle tussle
A miracle I don't trip

Sick Schmick

Five days 
1 shower half way between
3 frozen dinners ( not worth the 1.88 ea YUCK!)
2 cans of Progresso light chicken noodle
1 box of Mrs Grass's chicken noodle
1/2 jar of spoon fed cookie butter
1/2 container ea - lemon sorbet- dark red cherry sorbet
2.5 boxes of kleenex
10 cups ea of tea/hot lemon water w/ honey
2 bottles of cold medicine 1 day 1 night
Small jar of vicks
12 naps
A zillion movies on tv
last night... Perfect Sense...
this one escaped me in 2011
hmmm? perhaps the subject matter wasn't ideal
for my current condition
(great naked Ewan McGregor though)

I'm done, I surrender...
The cold/flu/bronchial incident of 2013 is the victor
and I thought pneumonia in 2012 kicked my butt...
time for more movies..

happy weekend y'all
and thank you dear hearts for all the well wishes
they warm my heart like the
space heater does my tootsies


added injury:
my ability to answer emails has failed
thank you cox cable -
some magic fingers in Atlanta
need to repair it they tell me
and since it's the weekend already there
they may get to it by next Tuesday.
I can however use incoming email and internet,
thank goodness or this 
wild haired, hacking, mismatched 
missing buttons, pajama wearing, old broad 
would be headed downtown 
to go screaming mimi banshee on someone!
I love the guy I spoke with for 20 minutes.
Totally clueless, and he told me
he had fixed three others today
but couldn't remember how to fix mine,
since I use a Mac
Please continue to talk to me.
it's lonely out here...


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh my dear friend, I hope you are feeling better soon. Not a good thing this flu! I also found frozen dinner yuk! well the 'diet' cheapo one' more for me! Take care and stay warm. More movies please!
hugs, Linda

Kathy said...

Sounds miserable dear Z. Take good care and just indulge yourself with what gives comfort and get well very soon!

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Well, you do sick in style. Nice little spot. Sorry. You crack me up. I haven't seen naked McGregor....I mean that movie yet. I'll have to get that one! Hope you're feeling better. So many sickies out there. No fun. We all had our flu shots. I think it may be working for us. Crossing my fingers. Feel better soon!

Robin Larkspur said...

Your chair looks very comfy cozy! I have never heard of Cookie Butter...can you describe it?
I love Ewan MacGregor...saw him lots of nakedness in the "Pillow Box" (really weird movie). Perfect Sense I have not heard of.
Please get well soon! Thank goodness for movies! Hugs!!

Woman Seeking Center said...

Peeking out of my normal 'lurkedom' lol to send well wishes to you. I've just started to feel normal (or what passes as normal for me lol) from this flu. I hate to share that it took me two weeks to fully rally - hope you arrive at that sooner!

Till then keep resting and eating ANYthing that appeals (and if you're like I was that's almost nothing). I confess to eating only boxed donuts for days. Wicked I know but it was that or not a thing - nothing appealed and I was losing wt by day 5. Could stand to be a few pounds less, but not all at once while sick!

Take care!

Romeo said...

You poor dear. How horrible. And it would appear that the "children" are not helping too much....I mean by the sounds of it, it's a wonder you can see enough to NOT trip on the rug. Be warm. Be well.


"her" and Romeo

wendy said...

Oh my, this sounds terrible. Would it be mean for me to say I haven't had the flu for years.
(knock on I get the flu shot)
I think you are DUE to get better about now eh.
Can I just say how much I LOVE THAT LAMP SHADE in the first photo.
Did you make it??
That whole cozy corner looks adorable to I guess if you have to have the flu, at least you are in a nice spot.
get well!!!!

Blondie's Journal said...

Sick or not, you have created my kind of cozy little space there! I really do hope you feel well soon. You are doing all the right things so it shouldn't be long, my friend.


Anonymous said...

Hope ya are feeling better soon...On a lighter note..I have myself a pair of those man slippers and LOVE them...haha...Take care..
p.s.I love the way you describe your illness and remedies..had me laughing out loud..

Debbie said...

Oh yuck. So sorry to hear you have the dreaded flu of 2013, Z. I watched the whole Lonesome Dove series, and Sarah Plain and Tall. Then started on a Three Stooges marathon. That was in between coughing, blowing my brains out through my nose, and trying to find a bib large enough to catch all the drool while I tried to sleep. You poor dear. They say just ride it out. But it's not just a's a tsunami!!! Hang in there my friend. Glad I could cheer you up.

Low Tide High Style said...

Oh Z...feel better!!! And I can relate to both the illness and the technology fail! Take care!

Kat said...

Awwwwwwww you poor thing . Well you do have a pretty place to recover:) hope you are up and better very soon! Take care and relax.
-Debra xxx

P.s. I got a new computer for Christmas ns still haven't figured it out use it and haven't been able to blog:( not the smartest crayon in the box lol

Jane said...

I am so sorry you have been sick!! I hope you start to feel better soon. Take care of yourself!

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Lol, aw. I do hope you feel better soon. You have quite a cozy set-up though. And my dog loves to chew water bottles as well. Thought he was an oddball. :-)

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Lol, aw. I do hope you feel better soon. You have quite a cozy set-up though. And my dog loves to chew water bottles as well. Thought he was an oddball. :-)

Anonymous said...

Being sick and then to add I sult to injury with no email??? I think I would simply have to shoot myself. LOL. Life is hard.

regan said...

What a perfect spot to spend your illness time trying to get better! I love to hunker down in a cozy corner, with all my necessary 'stuff' around me......and now I think I'll have to find out what cookie butter is......I'm sure it will be added to my list of staples! Feel better! :o)

Jill said...

Oh no!! I'm so sorry to hear that you have this awful bug!! Hang in there my friend. Napping...that's got to be the best medicine. Poor cashier! I'm sorry to say I would have avoided you too but if I lived closer I'd bring you homemade chicken noodle soup and put in on your doorstep, ring the bell, and run. LOL!

Kit said...

Oh my! You have it pretty bad for sure. Another reason I like you ~ what a sense of humor! In spite of being all sicky. Get better!!! Kit

Boxwood Cottage said...

Aw poor Z!!! This sounds really bad. Influenza is going around here too. So glad now that I got a vaccination against it in October already. Hope you're feeling better very soon my friend! And that your internet connection will get repaired asap of course! Love that first pic though, very cosy light and I can't believe that big box of tallow berries you have there! Still no luck of getting any of them here. If you ever purge them, please think of me! And that lamp shade looks awesome too!
2012 has ended kind of bad for me because I was told to move to Hamburg or I'll lose my job. Since I said no to Hamburg and want to stay in Bremen I'm going to lose it soon. My job of 27 years, still can't believe it, but I cant drive 3 hours every day on top of working 8-9 hours! Not a great feeling at all losing a long time job and all the security it brought and to top it all of my dreaded 50th b-day ist right around the corner on Tuesday. Now I have to think what I wanna do with the second half of my life. That's also the reason why I was so quiet lately. Happy 2013!
xoxo~ C.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Wow Z...thank goodness you have the dogs for company! Do you get the MeTV channel? Lots of great old shows from Kojak to Emergency to Big Valley (I could go on)...great TV shows for me when I'm sick!

Lyn said...

I found your blog last fall and really have enjoyed reading it. I'm so sorry to hear you are ill. I have found that "steaming", you know, your head over a pot of water, really helps loosen everything up and will help get anything that has settled in your lungs coughed out. Once you've had pneumonia, lets just say, it likes to re-visit. Please feel better soon, I so enjoy your words, especally about Howie.

Lana said...

This is the funniest post, Z. I'm even hoping that my note here will make it to you in Nevada! Our Internet was COMPLETELY DOWN for 48 hours, thank you AT&T. Bless your heart and the Vicks/Kleenex/lousy frozen entree's/etc. Bless your heart. Glad your footsies stayed warm and your heart, too.

Evi said...

Z, you cracked me up! I am glad to see, that with all your misery, you have not lost your sense of humor! Never heard of cookie butter.
Z, if it is the flue, please, please get the flue shot next year!
Had the flue real bad 22 years ago which ended in Pneumonia....will never do that again.
There is enough other stuff you can still get, why not elimenate one.
Love the pictures of your sleeping "babies".
It never gets old!!!!!
Right now I am going to watch our newly adopted kitty cat, Lulu, sleep.
Can't get enough of that either.
Take care of yourself and keep doing what you are doing. Cookie butter....
Warm hugs,