Monday, January 14, 2013


Those of you who stop by frequently will 
notice a change at the home of oldgreymare.
A "lightening" of sorts.

You need only remember some 
magazine shoots or prior posts to see that 
large pieces of furniture were hauled
hither and thither, and up and down stairs.
(I use a large tarp and stupidly accomplish 
on my own with DD scolding)
Still debating the window covering change to come.
These linen drapes were a quick cheap choice years ago,
and then...well I got lazy and never changed them out.
They'll go soon. I'm thinking of burlap strung or simply pinned.
That skinny mustard cupboard to the right 
was dragged down the stairs from Hannah's room.

During the holidays the kids tried to convince me to move
my studio down to the first floor and though 
I seriously considered it, drawing floor plans etc.,
ultimately I opted for a first phase approach.
One of the benefits of a neutral palette is of course, that
everything can be moved everywhere. It all goes.
When I can no longer navigate the stairs, maybe the 
studio will come down here after all.
( I had a major fall this winter, and banged 
up my already bad knee pretty severely, 
so that day may be closer than I like. :D )

While moving furniture I was watching 
Jimmy Stewart and Sandra Dee in 
"Take Her She's Mine". That's the Cleopatra's barge scene.

One of the main reasons for the change is that I still had the home
set up for lots of people visiting, taking classes, 
friends of kids, and 4 of us living here.
That is no longer the case. I no longer need 3 couches
and I needed to set up the entertaining spaces to 
suit me and my current needs.
So one big easy chair and ottoman now 
comforts me in the den. ( first picture).
The large floral sofa from the family room
 is in the garage awaiting pick up from a friend.
The sofa from the den came in here. 
It is my favorite. Well over 30 years old, a Drexel,
 and recovered by me twice and now slip covered,
admittedly with a cover that really doesn't fit
 but works for now.

Large gatherings will still occur
but less seating will not matter,
we all hang in the small kitchen anyway...

The family room now seems so much larger and early yesterday a.m. the beautiful light was so soothing as I was curled in a fetal position for the second day suffering from
 some kind of intestinal attack. It's over thank heavens.
I am researching diverticulitis.
( the symptoms fit - no more seeds for me)

The type trays relocated from the den to family room and
now show to much better advantage right next to a window.

The light was beautiful on the porch also
but it was much too cold to enjoy.
We're in a cold snap, windy and 32 degrees.

So..where have I been, what have I been up to?
I've been finishing up my holiday job, which I will
dearly miss going to each day. I love the women I work with, 
I love the physical labor aspect, so good for me. 
Hopefully there will be more work to come soon.

I have been tending to Justice
who has more good days than bad.
I solved the issue of the passage way she was
 terrified to cross by placing a runner half way in each room 
and she calmly walks through.
( I called a friend to say I'm a genius! lol)

I am purging. AGAIN
I was already on the path but
after reading my pal Chania's post,
I have upgraded to a goal of 100 items which 
I will begin to show here this week.
I preach the same message to clients she details in her post, 
but I've never before set an actual number as a goal.
I have hope this will speed things up, 
declaring it will keep me honest and on track.
Thanks again my dear friend.
Local clients and friends will get a typical email
 from me and they call and buy from that.
However, if you see anything shippable 
that you want, email me.
It's always first come.

So if you made it this far...
so happy to see you,
and please stay tuned for the 100 piece purge.
Perhaps you wish to join us?
Declare it and show it.
Purgers United.
uh oh..that is PU



Sherry said...

I love how you explained the PU at the end!! I'm in -- I think having a number to work towards makes it more rewarding. Just getting rid of one thing here or don't notice much difference. A large number? It's going to be obvious.

Love the changes you've made and your inventiveness in helping Justice but also in how you move your own furniture!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

It all looks wonderful to me Z ..... and, I LOVE the type trays.
Sorry that I haven't been around for a while ..... you seem to have gone under the radar for some unknown reason !!!!
Hope that you are now fully recovered and back to 100%. XXXX

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Hey Z,
So I guess for once I'm ahead of the game....I've been purging and de-cluttering for the last couple of weeks. I'm always good with my clothes cause I don't like to look into my closet and see things that I can't wear, due to size or weather!

I've got three containers full and one large box ready to go to a 'Flea Market' sale at a local antique shop next weekend. I'm selling cheap and have vowed not to bring anything back home.

So I'm way over 100 items...yeah!!

Looking forward to seeing your 100!

Take care and be careful moving all that stuff. (Yea like I didn't recently fall off of the step ladder, and just today scraped the crap outta my leg)...oh well.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I so love the changes! I am also on a simplify and purge mood, with no goals but I like the 100 items. I was going to take things to my daughter's house for a yard sale to benefit a friend of theirs that got hit by a car, but not sure when the sale will be. So, I'm in on the 100 items, I'll set my goal for 1/25. I'm with you on PU!
hugs, Linda

Razmataz said...

I also love the type trays. So many letters. You certainly have the knack for display.

I am still purging. Another 20 items today.

Take care of yourself. No nuts, no seeds, lots of whole grains and water.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I love your changes. It all looks so cozy and inviting.

I purged last year in fact my entire living room was full all most to the ceiling. furniture bedding drapes clothes dishes glassware books- it all went out in one large truck load. I cant tell you the feeling of freedom it gave it ..
enjoy the process:)

Low Tide High Style said...

I've been missing your posts, so glad to see you are well...except for your fall and the tummy issues! Glad you are doing better with both. And I see you've been busy, lots of good changes going on!

I was just telling someone about Chania's post and decision to get rid of things she no longer needs. I think we are all thinking along those lines, and I look forward to seeing what you offer up.


helen tilston said...

Hope you are feeling better. Look after that knee.
You have a definite talent in interior design.

Have a week of joy

Helen xx

Anonymous said...

Your room is beautiful..I am excited to see what you purge and what those items are..I did the same thing last fall and it took awhile to get used to but I must say I love how it all looks now..Have a great day..Glad to hear your dog is doing better..

Kathy said...

You home just looks SO cozy, especially that easy chair and ottoman.
Two years ago I made a goal to throw away one thing every day and did the big art room purge-o-rama last year. We have plans to clean out the attic this Spring to make better use of the storage. That is the space where things go in and seldom come out. The last big purge was about 2001 so it is way past due!

erin said...

ha! funny. i was wondering what "pu" meant! i'll be purging too, but don't plan on keeping count....most of my junk is in the walk in attic (i call it my "props" room) and i must wait til it warms up to get in there. isn't it fun to change things around? your home always looks cozy and inviting...
i hate to hear about your knee?? be careful sweets...i worry about you.

joanne said...

Well, PU to you too! I'm such a the idea of setting a number, maybe that will get me off my hiney and actually do some purging, of the house kind that is. Have a great new year and move things slowly to keep that knee working well..;j

Bead and Needle said...

Love the changes - XOXO

Robin Larkspur said...

First, I am so sorry about the fall and your injured knee. I can sympathize as I have injured the same knee several times; dealing with stairs is becoming an issue!
Listen, my husband just got out of the hospital after a nasty bout of diverticulitis, that included an abscess. Definitely research about diet and symptoms. Do NOT wait to see a doctor if you think you have it. My husband will be having a surgery in 7 weeks to remove a portion of the bowel. Please, Z be careful!!!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

So glad you explained the PU...very witty! 100 piece purge...could I do that? Jim would love it!

Jillayne said...

I love a great purge... 100 things huh? I'm in!

Theresa said...

It all looks wonderful! I tried to see it this past week but the wouldn't download for me, our service must have been running slow or something. Purging is good (when it comes to stuff of course) I have been doing that myself, always at the beginning of a new season, year, a good cleaning. I haven't counted and I have a ways to go but it does feel good. I cleaned my studio again, I didn't actually get rid of some things but moved them to the barn for a future sale. I don't have the time to create assemblages right now and can't see a time in the near future when I will be able to so I took 5 boxes of odds and ends that were taking up to much space, and causing a very cluttered look, away to the barn so I can reevaluate. Trying to be realistic about how much one person can accomplish time wise and space wise. Reevaluating is a good thing!
I hope all is fabulous in your world and your 100 items is a huge success! love, t.xoxoox

Sonja of Hickety Pickety said...

Your home is just too great...every picture I look at, I keep saying to myself "WOW"!!!!!!!!!!!!