Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sights Sounds and NEVER AGAIN Around the Old Homestead

The weeks are rolling by
and I'm not sure if that makes me happy or not.
I suppose any week we're all still here is a good one.

As to the day to day, I have been working
 on some projects and solving "issues".
One issue is Justice falling down and up? 
the stairs in the middle of the night. 
A bevy of night lights has not solved the problem.

Not good for the sleep deprived,
 and no thrill for Miss Justice either.
I had this fencing in the garage for some time, 
waiting to be sanded, cleaned, painted and installed.
It was too narrow for the spot but the shoe basket fits perfectly 
in the gap and the problem was solved.
You would think, wouldn't ya?

Except remember the other pooch that dwells here?
It took him all of 30 seconds to realize
 he could swing the gate open, 
and passage was once again possible.
Until I figure out a pretty solution 
a loop of rope solves the problem at night.
You would think wouldn't ya?

Around two 2 am, having just shut off the bed lamp, 
a light scratching could be heard..
Upon investigation I discovered it was not scratching, 
but chewing, as Howie attempted to chew his way
 through the basket to get to me.
Now they are both spoiled and have always 
had total access to the house..
well except for the bathtubs. 
Justice likes to jump in and out of them
 and I find the dog hair remnants gross... so no tubs..
Anyway they come and go up and down all night
so I felt the separation would be OK 
as they have four dog beds on the first floor. 
You would think wouldn't ya?

When I let Howie up to join me to stop the chewing, 
Justice woke up, realized she was alone and started to howl.
Howie joined in and once again I'll owe my neighbors
 some damn good cookies at the holidays..

Justice having all her bones unbroken is a priority,
learn to deal with it Howie.

My car was broken into (again).
(So insurance, police reports, fun stuff)
It was parked in the driveway because my garage
 is filled with stuff for that garage sale
I am NEVER going to have again.
The 2nd annual NEVER AGAIN sale is the 29th.
You remember I even threw away all my special flower signs
 after the last one? Well...what can I say....
some other gals wanted to have one
OK OK no excuses..I really don't know why?

The first couple piles, waiting to be sorted and priced.
I could cry..
"GoodWill I'm coming"

My 20 year old ash tree is succumbing to some horrible disease that has struck the majority of ash in lala land, and I am so saddened by it's condition.
Sadder still will be me up in the tree with a chain saw.
How old do you have to be before you 
stop thinking you can do anything?

When I decide to do these umm... "projects" I call up 
my SIL or my daughter on my cell and make them listen
 for my scream or fall so that they can then call for help..
from across town or 2,000 miles away.
What? You see a flaw in my plan?
I do this for gutter, roof, window washing and trees....
The chatting keeps me from being nervous and I like 
to speculate that I might actually survive the BIG FALL...

Made a couple more of these
in several sizes, some may show up on Saturday.
just in case I get bored this week...
Thinking of repainting the kitchen cupboards-
yard work needed - about 2 full days-
toilet repair-
sprinkler repair-
recover free chair given to me-

dogs groomed
carpet cleaned pre holidays
(these last two from sale proceeds)

oh, and play Tarzan in the ash tree.



rebecca said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! I REALLY like that burlap wreath!

Hope you get things sorted out and a few projects knocked off your list :)

Karmen Sunshine said...

Stay out of that darn tree! I will be right over. Wait. I am scared of power saws; how long do you think it would take with a hand saw? ANYway, I have 5 animals in my bed now the son with the giant cat seeking dog is living in the front of the house with his bride of 3 months. They think they have a place to move to...on November 1. Your useless gate is adorable by the way. Karmen

Primitive Stars said...

Hi z, wow, how do you do it, lots on your plate. Sorry to hear about the car break-in, "///"$$%%%$$"/. The dogs, well, never dull having one around the house, tee hee. Would love to come to your sale but.....a little to far. Wishing you a good week ahead, Blessings Francine.

Kathy said...

Good GAWD!
1) Do NOT climb a tree with a chain saw. NO.
2) I cannot imagine the queen of organization and bring nothing into your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful could possibly have anything to sell at a garage sale.
3) You had car robbers who left unwanted junk in your garage??
4) You could sleep downstairs since there are two extra dog beds...
5) I don't have any animals anymore but I would still like the little gate - nice job! How about putting it at the top of the stairs so they are near you?

Bead and Needle said...

Stay out of the tree, Chica! Call that landscaping guy, pronto. I need to spend a week doing errands and appointments this week, and then I am free and clear...XOXO

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Hope you get some of your projects done Z. Sounds like you have lots to do. If I lived closer, I would come and help.
Sorry to haer about the car break in - aarrggh
xx Tina

Claudia said...

This post really strike a chord within me. A few years back we had to make the same decision with our dogs. They could no longer sleep upstairs with us because Riley kept slipping and falling on the stairs. We blocked them off with a chair and that seemed to do the trick. Scout didn't like it, but she grew to accept it.

All the ash trees around here have suffered with that same disease for years. We have a lot of them on the property and most have died or are dying. So sad.

Sorry about your car - that's terrible.


Charlene said...

You make me tired just reading about your list. But, truth be told... mine's not any more exciting. I won't do the tree & high up stuff. Honey that's when I call the tree guy. Won't even let hubby up there anymore. He's fallen out of the tree with the chain saw still going... HE was OK but, I have a friend who's brother in law wasn't... Rethink that one girlfriend! Have a great week & BE CAREFUL!

Carole said...

Well this is a full post I don't even know where to start. I have to say I did laugh a little about the doggie situation but not about the car break in:( that sucks!!! Now you are just selling your stuff right?????

Romeo said...

I'm exhausted! So obviously you are much younger than I am because why else would you think you can do ALL of this?!?! Unless of course this is the list for the rest of the year. Yeh, maybe that's it. Right?! And what's this about your car getting broken into?!? Morons. Don't they know you have a gold mine in the garage?!?! As for Howie and Justice.....want me to call and discuss the situation with them?!? Maybe a little whiskey in the doggie bowls before bedtime. Okay, I know not a good suggestion. But if you get desperate enough.....

Purrs and hugs,

Romeo and her

Anonymous said...

No one could ever say that you lead a dull life, z.
I hit 60 this year, and have tried the "I think I'm getting too old for this" line, but was up on the shaky scaffolding swinging with the breeze painting the gable trim this summer. Haven't tried a chain saw while up in a tree yet. I'd have to keep reminding myself to cut the part of the tree I'm not sitting on. ;)
Be safe.
the other Z

Jill said...

I love that you call someone while you do something dangerous. It makes sense to me! And, you know, I kind of like that chair just the way it is. I imagine though it's dirtier in person. I hope your sale rakes in lots of $$$!

Amber said...

OMG, you're crazy! LOL!! I can't believe you actually do that! Dang, I thought I was bad. You win, Z. :) Oh, and that wreath... LOVE!!