Monday, September 17, 2012

Shoes and Sighs

Dearest son was here for the weekend.
We dined out and at home,
chatted much, sipped white wine one day,
red the next,
...watched the Steelers.
Heavenly stuff to a Mama who misses him so.

I glanced down at his shoes yesterday, and was
shocked, appalled, dismayed at their condition...
Not just old and shabby,
but literally falling apart.
"Oh BEN!"


"Your shoes!"

"Yeah, so?....
They're comfortable."


I expected to see newsprint poking out a-la Depression.
He loved  loves these shoes.
Had them resoled once.
Then couldn't a second time..
SHOULDN'T a second time..
in Mom's opinion anyway.

I have to beg my kids 
to let me buy them anything.
Perhaps they fear that in old age I will descend upon them 
if my funds run dry...

But I wheedled and pulled out the big guns..
"But it will make me so happy to do this for you."

BIG sigh son...OK

Off to the stores this morning.
Now I don't DO malls...EVER..

so we started with smaller independent places
 and when that failed, I was forced to venture
into the most dreaded of places.
a Mall..ugh, spit, retch...
After up and down escalators
and the lengths both ways,
Beautiful new boots that he pondered over 
for some time.
I swear I've bought cars faster.

We caught a quick lunch and headed home where
 he could hop in his car and head back to LA.
I said let me shoot those shoes..
I wanted proof and agreement from other Moms
that these shoes sucked, no really..C'mon!

Hugs and kisses, I love yous all around...and....

"Uh Mom, you know I'm still gonna wear these right?"

BIG sigh Mama...Yeah


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh what do we do with our kids!! At lest he let you buy him some new boots!!

wendy said...

You don't like malls?????????
Living in the country as I do...I long to stroll through a mall.
But I LOVE to think of all the adventures those shoes travled through All the things he's learned along the way as those soles wore through.
The mark of a well lived life I say.

Razmataz said...

I love the old ones...very nice. I'm with can;t beat the old comfies.

Carole said...

I know how he feels it's hard to let to good pairs go.
Yes agree they are pretty bad!

Bead and Needle said...

OK, but the soles are still good, Mom! This is too fun - and I'm SO glad he got you out of that house over there. Hooray - big steps for both of you...All Saints Spitalfields, here we come! :-) XOXOXO

Kit said...

You are such a Mom! I love it! And I just love to take my kids shopping too. Makes me feel like I can take care of them a little even tho they are all grown up. :) Kit

Robin Larkspur said...

I love comfy shoes, but not with holes like Ben's. And what about stepping in a puddle?
I hate malls too, loud and crowded. Like you, I prefer small shops.

Kathy said...

HeHe - silly BOYS! My husband once had this leather coat I called his "rag-picker-bum" coat. He would not let it go. No way. No how. I finally had to start refusing to leave the house with him if he had it on - so he reluctanty put it away. No, he would not THROW it away. At some point my younger son found it hanging someplace - probably the garage - and decided to WEAR it. With twine through the buttonholes to hold it shut. E-GADS!!!!

Cindy said...

My son had a pair of favorite shoes too! The backs were folded down, the soles were worn thru and smelled to high heaven He loved them...until they mysteriously were left outside and the dogs chewed them..oops!
We love our boys!

Donna said...

Hee, hee!
I too have a son who wears his shoes till they fall apart on his feet! Be comforted that you are not alone in this!
So glad though that you got to spend some time with him!
How fun!
hugs from here my sweet!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I feel your pain Z...Jake tried to sneak about 4 pairs of sneakers very similar off with him to college! I think he managed to bring 2...ugh!

Charlene said...

I feel your pain!!! I have this T Shirt!!! But, boys will be boys... No matter how old he is he'll always be your baby boy & when he brings out the "Mama" your'e a sunk duck! HUGS!

glor said...

My son's sneakers look like these shoes. Maybe we're related? By the way, have been picking up baskets, starting to reorg my closets (thanks to you!). Have a lovely day.

Claudia said...

Nothing like a favorite pair of shoes!


Theresa said...

We were both blessed with visits! John came home for a friends wedding and so we had all home for one night this past weekend and as luck would have it him, I and Hannah all went thrifting on Monday before I had to take him to the airport in the wee hours of the morning! Heaven.
Now about those shoes... way to go MOM! My kids will wear shoes out and not give them up also, it's hard to find a perfect fit! Ditto on the mall. gives me hives.
Have a fabulous weekend!
love, t.xoxoxoox

Rebecca said...

I agree with you...only time I venture into a mall is at Christmas and then only if I have to!
The shoes have seen their day... but guys are guys.
So happy that you got your kid fix! I had mine last weekend. My son came and stayed over night and worked on the potting shed as the porch roof needed to be redone... It was a glorious day, perfect fall day here.
I even made a pie.
Blessings to you today