Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An experiment

Couldn't sleep 


With tv on in the background, watching very sad
911 stories....
and web surfing
I had a notion about the things
 I say...
I write
all day every day

So I went to my sent folder and opened them one by one
 since Sept 1st to see my pearls of wisdom.
This is an experiment you all should try.
A little insight into self and how we may be viewed
 and how we share..

So here are snippets from emails that I sent to family and friends.

I'll be making an appointment with
a health care professional tomorrow. :D




Copper is hard to watch..makes me nervous.. :D

you're still my bestie 

when I like something, I really like it

damn that's cute

After all these many years I am still trying to shape the person I will become. :D .. It's a lot of work! 

Ya gotta love Peter O'Toole.

I think we should go to NYC for Christmas....hmmm?

if Halulas was still there on Route 30 I would make you stop and have a rolling rock on me...

If you ever need help or ideas just holler

It feels good doesn't it? I have to get my endorphin rush somehow

you still up?
things ok?

Sorry to hear of your troubles. Sarah filled me in

Are you still jumping up and down?

If I'm awake for one more sunrise I may have to kill myself by sundown.

I had been asleep about an hour @6:36... I'm so tired today I could cry.


certain days I just miss you guys more than I can bear...
other days I just miss you oodles 

.....damn I'm old.

Why are you awake? shrug..menoPAUSE!!! Of course you could have called me ..I was reading until 4:15

until then I hibernate in reverse

I am still miserably hot at night. Sheets in a ball by morning lol

I am a fall/winter girl living in the desert....damn.....

I'll take em I'll keep em..and never give them back

we love them, they love us and life keeps on going...

be easy on yourself for awhile

You'll do great. I'm a tiny little speck in your back pocket cheering you on 
love you

even though I have no excuse not to do it myself...

no worries... life is a roller coaster

I love me some fall leaves and crisp air

do I hear an amen?

when they discover a pill that will keep you thin,  I will be long gone, and am I gonna be ticked off!!!!

for 90 minutes I have been watching 911 stories..what is wrong with me? now I have to go eat pasta....

still watching - now 150 minutes - no pasta to eat. made ham sandwich instead..thank god I have no ice cream..I would eat the half gallon

weeping weeping.....rips through my heart..but watching makes me feel that I have not forgotten, that I am respecting the suffering, the loss, that happened to so many thousands..does that make sense?

I won't leave you there - 

Pictures of a puppy will help.
Howie before he became incorrigible.
and yes, one blue, one brown eye

What have you been saying?



Razmataz said...

I've been watching too....while laying round the house waiting for our crappy insurance dude to sort out the car insurance.....I must say I really do have a fascination with it all. I STILL find it unbelievable. Every time I think how so many things went in their favor that day...a whole sequence of events that went off without a hitch. And the bravery of the people, on the plane crashing in the field, and in the towers...all over. It's like a movie. HArd to believe.

I wake in the night and loll around trying to get back to sleep. So hard to do...OMG I feel your pain...

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I hear ya,,

in bed after midnight- watching the 911 special on msnbc.. restless sleep till 3:53 , then said screw it and got up..

I watch cause I feel like if they could go thru it- I can at least watch it.. small way to say I CARE.

all us meno gals need each others emails so we can write and ask- You Awake?

My Grama's Soul said...

Hey you.....haven't been here in forever.....somehow I lost track of you when I lost my blogroll. Glad to be back on board with you.....9/11.....awful memories!!xo


Low Tide High Style said...

This is such a wonderful post, a true snippet of someone's "real" life over the course of a few weeks/months. I can't watch any of the 9/11 stuff, it hit too close to home since we knew people involved and my husband worked the Pentagon scene...too much to remember, but I will never forget either!

Love that blue eye!


Carole said...

I think I recognize a couple of those comments:) I never like reading mine back....they seem so stupid or there are tons of mistakes in grammar....but I guess it really doesn't matter.
The kids look adorable.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

eating hershey's kisses watching 911 tributes teary eyed...now it's a good teary eyed reading your post.
Thanks Z!

Jill said...

This was great!! I'm not sure what I've been saying and I'm not sure I want to look. Not sure what it will reveal!

Kathy said...

You are a braver woman than I, that's for sure! I will NOT be revisiting what I wrote. I'm pretty sure I would owe way too many people an explanation about what I REALLY meant to say. 8+)

joanne said...

that was interesting...an exercise to be tried in the future. I'm afraid, well not afraid but surprised, to find that we have so many things in common. damn menopause, wonderful children and the like...all wrapped up in a 4:30am e-mail in the dim light of the tele...take care friend.

Theresa said...

We watched/listened this morning, I was cutting fabric through tears until I couldn't listen anymore. I will never forget, only Hannah and I home at the time, her a tot and me wanting the rest of my family to get home so that I could hold all of them. The lives that were lost, senseless, and the families that were changed forever, so sad.
I haven't hardly sent anything out to be reread, but not sure that I would want to, just like voice mails that I'm sure I sound like a dork on... I hope people 'get' what I'm saying in my messages!
I am ready for fall too, we have had a few days that feel like it's here and then a blast of heat again... menopause doesn't help in the temp changes either!
Take care, love,

Claudia said...

I'm afraid to try that! God knows what I would find!


Jillayne said...

Sometimes when I get replies to emails I have sent I re-read what I wrote - usually I cringe. I can get run of the fingers at times and the thoughts spill forth without a lot of editing. Oh well, it's who IO am and people can always just use the delete button and go about their day.
Your words helped me this week - I hope you know that.
As for 9/11, there are so many stories, I think that I will be listening to it every year for always. And that's ok - it was, and still is, unbelievable to me.

Cindy said...

Love the one blue eye. My little Aussie has one blue eye..

I stayed up late watching 9/11 footage, so sad. A very senseless act in the name of hatred. Crazy

Your replies became a conversation all in itself..

you are compassionate, HI-larious and truthful. That is what I LOVE about you!

Anonymous said...

good post, added you to my RSS reader.

Amber said...

I didn't watch a snippet. I don't forget, I just don't want to go back to that sad place. I ache for everyone's loss. When there is so much bad that we hear and read about in our own Country, it is heart warming to know that there are still plenty of GOOD people that take the time because they CARE.

Kit said...

Me too. Watched a show called 102 minutes that changed the world ( or something like that) It is like I want to absorb as much info as I can about that day. And then I try to go to sleep, yeah right. Nice to know I 'm not alone in my obsession. :) LOL Kit