Sunday, February 19, 2012


What do you see?
I see a heavenly sight.

That's right...
It's just the garage...
(and you gals know I dig a clean garage)
No piles of collectibles and finials
old windows and Christmas trees, 
 clothing and books,
and dishes, bar stools and globes
and the myriad mountains of other 
that we (6 of us) unloaded,
sold to our lovely
customers on Saturday at my

 I have asked several friends to 
hit me upside the head with an iron skillet 
if I EVER suggest we have another one here at 
my house. Between friends dropping off stuff for weeks
and friends shopping early almost every night
it is 2 weeks of pure hell, trying to make it all fit,
and show it off to it's best advantage....
we hauled in the dough. YAY!

So today to celebrate, I finally upgraded my cell phone
because they gave me a coupon for a free android
(WoOt! joining the big leagues)
and spent 3 hours trying to navigate the 
blessed thing.

Did anyone else actually enjoy 
their weekend?
I hope so...
I have to wait another 5 days to try 
and enjoy the next one....

To my crazy buds who spent Saturday with me
Thank you, I love you, and let's NEVER

do this again.. <3
Justice and Eisenhower agree.
They were locked up in house all day long
and they were NOT happy. 


Theresa said...

are you sure? It sounds like soooo much fun :) Having a sale is always daunting, so much to bring out, clean up, haul away and deal with in general but add to that days and days of sales? Girl, your crazy!
Have fun with your new phone!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh Girlfriend - I so feel for you...I had one a few years ago and it was enough to push me over the edge (and trust me - It wasn't staged or presented in any fashion was an old-fashioned here-ya-have-it, lucky-to-have-a-price-sticker on it kind of thing....) The hours of prep work - and the hours of getting rid of the didn't sell's made me never ever wanna go there again. Kick back, put on a good movie, pour a nice glass of Chardonnay and break open the Petit Ecoliers!!! ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Low Tide High Style said...

So glad it was a success, and don't you know the rule?!...never say never! ;-)

Kat :)

Terra said...

Your dogs are not only cute but their coats are gorgeous colors. I like the word you used, dagnabit, hadn't heard it in a while.
I'm glad your garage sale was a success.

Lana said...

Eisenhower and Justice do have that look of "OHHHHH no you don't! Not another one of these shindigs!" Give them a year or so and they'll forget all about it! :) *I want a dog so bad. Love my cat, Swoopie, but do want a dog. Hugs to your babies.

MEM said...

I agree----garage sales and flea markets come under a heading : once is enough. but there often gets to be another time, particularly when the garage,basement,attic are full again! sure wish I could have been a customer at yours. ........

Mugwump Woolies said...

When it comes to garage sales, I have two words...Salvation Army!

Anonymous said...

you survived and your garage is pristine's wonderful!

erin said...

and doesn't it feel, oh so good, to be done with? poor doggies.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I gave up on garage sales and now just donate! I know I could make some money but it's so much work and I'd rather go and buy at one then have one! Glad you got a cool new phone! hugs, Linda

Evi said...

oh my guys are very brave!!!!!
At least you made some money....that is always good.
I am planing one in April. I hate doing them with a PASSION!!!!!
Most of what I have goes to Godwill, but some is really good stuff, and if it does not sell, I will donate that too.
But it feels soooo great to have it gone!
I wish you a happy week, with no more clutter to think of.
Hugs, Evi

Kathy said...

Congratulations on getting that one behind you!! I have not had one since my mother's estate sale nearly 10 years ago. That was enough for me!
Now if my husband should decide to part with some things and ask for my assistance, well that is a whole other story and I will be clearing off the driveway before he gets a chance to change his mind - LOL!

wendy said...

Interesting, but all these many years of my life, I have NEVER had a garage sale.
I'd love to have one now (not because of the work or anything) BUT, my hubby has a whole HUGE arena full of stuff I'd like to clean out.
I like organization too. I can't breathe if things are not Put Away.
The garage looks great.!!

Olive Cooper said...

Dare I say your garage is sexy. My eighty year old neighbors, they are adorable, have not anything in their garage save the car and they blow out any leaf that dares to enter it during the day.

Susan said...

Well, good for you, you got it done! And your dogs are absolutely darling!

Jillayne said...

My husband would adore your garage - he is a master at organizing things and I, well, I am not. And I've never pretended to be although I do aspire to it now and again.
I'm off to my sewing room with a glass of wine and an egg timer - can't stand it any more...

Jane said...

I know those garage sales are such hard work but I'm glad you made some money and got yourself one of those fancy phones :) Thanks for making me smile this morning with your e-mail about the tools!!

Bead and Needle said...

I HAVE promised to hit you with that pan, but damn, we had some fun while it lasted Friday night and Saturday...didn't we?!!!

A Cottage Muse said...

Glad you have all that behind you and can relax now that everything is neat and tidy!
Oh I am biting the bullet today too and getting an iphone...let's see how quick I can learn to use it!!

savvycityfarmer said...

oh my heavenly days ... I wish i had a garage!

go woman go

Romeo said...

Howie and Justice were locked up ALL day?!?! Alright time to cough it up...what'd Howie nom-nom on? I'm not saying he would have been bad and done something like that but um, well you did leave him to his own devices ALL day. Alone. Well almost. He did have an accomplice......just wondering. You never know when I might need an idea for terrorizing "her"....



Cindy said...

I love the look on your dogs faces!! so cute! I am glad your sale was a success!! Now come organize my garage!

Carole said...

What Justice and Howie are not garage sale fans? Poor babies!


Nella said...

Oh my Z, what a beautiful sight to behold,you must feel wonderful, liberated etc. etc.!! I have all that ahead of me, 35 years in the same house and about to renovate... Very daunting to say the least. I will keep you happy you are clutter free.! N.xoxo

time worn interiors said...

Girl you are so funny!

I need to have a garage sale so bad, but I can't ever find the time. It's to cold here now, but my summers are always booked up with shows! Getting ready for Texas now, only 4 weeks till we leave!

I'm glad you made some money, that's always a good thing!

I always tell my family to hit me in the head with a 2 x 4 if I ever want to open a shop again! Guess what they let me do it any way! Hahahahaha! I'm back to the begging for the board thing again!

tot said...

LOL, Well it's over now and hopefully you made some mad money:) I am going to have one in the Spring and can't wait to get rid of things!!!! I just gave 8, yes 8 bags of clothes away!!I am so out of control. lol Clearing the way for who knows what. Oh and I am going to a fabulous vintage huge barn sale this weekend:)Have a great weekend:) lol
~Capers of the vintage vixens