Monday, August 8, 2011

THESE GIRLS ROCK! The Giveaway is almost here

I simply cannot say enough about the talent and generosity
of my blog buds helping me with this Giveaway.
These are smart, funny, kind, women
who create so many beautiful things with their hands, and
not just for sale; they also take extreme pride in their homes, 
adore their families and work very hard.
If they are new to you, I hope you will take the time to  visit each one and 
hang around their blogs, websites and etsy shops a bit.
(HINT: If you follow them, you get an additional entry for each one)
I adore them, I'm pretty sure you will too. 
The last sneak of the giveaway is this set
 of lavender sachet 

and wall pocket by Donna of

When you visit Donna be sure to click in her sidebar
 on her post on Tinker House.
You are in for a real treat. Donna is a designer
 extraordinaire as you will quickly see.
She also has a heart of gold.
Donna has an etsy shop, don't forget to pop in there too.


This beauty is the work of Cindy at 
Fat Cow Studio
You can find wonderful jewelry in her etsy shop, or email
for special orders.

Cindy and I met just a short time ago, she is very funny and sweet
and already I am a huge fan, and yes, she has cows!

Carole is offering 2 different boxes of ribbon,
 or two separate winners I should say
I introduced you to Carole in this post
"the ribbon lady" awhile back.
Carole does not have a blog but please
 visit her website and ebay shop
and email her about her ribbon of the month club.
(These boxes are samples of her club)
and her house..oh, some day I must tell you about her house!

Tanya is a Nevada girl with a Rocker Chick heart.
You can find her at Bead and Needle where she is usually ogling
some blue-jeaned backside. She has great taste BTW.

Talented as a quilter, jewelry artist and so much more,
Tanya is always working on a project when she is
not rocking out at local venues.
She is what I lovingly call A "Hoot"
This lovely set goes together as one prize, and
find more jewelry and goodies in her etsy store.

The summer issue of Jeanne'd Arc Living.
( my favorite mag)
will be sent to one lucky winner via Carole
of Maynard Greenhouse
Want to see gorgeous flowers or hear
 funny stories of her cats or get great vegetarian recipes;
order the latest JD issue or
 coveted Jill Schwartz Jewelry?
( see her side bar)
Then please stop by her blog and get to know
the gal who keeps me sane, who makes me laugh,
even when I would rather wallow.
Just in time for fall, which is so quickly approaching:

we have this yummy grain sack pumpkin by
Theresa at 612 Riverside

Theresa has a fabulous etsy store, she solders, she sews,
she even makes her own detergent.
 Talent and kindness is just oozing out of this wonderful gal...
and she does it all with five kids in the house!
7 great gifts to be given by
these wonderful, treasured friends,
and I will show you my gift on Tuesday the 9th
 at the launch of the giveaway.
So 8 gifts to be given, and lots of chances to win.
The giveaway will be for one week.

You must leave a comment on my
 Tuesday Giveaway post to win:
In that comment tell me how many entries you are eligible for, (it is up to you) 1-9:

1 entry for leaving a comment
1 entry for each of the gift givers 
that you follow, including me
(so 6 possible additional entries)
1 entry if you mention my Giveaway in a post of yours
1 entry if you post my Giveaway button in your sidebar

oldgreymare giveaway

and yes, all entries will be verified (if your name is drawn)
but at least I'm not making you leave
9 separate comments lol
1 prize per person and yes the gift givers can enter too! WOOT!
except me,  darn it....

I am overflowing with affection for these women,
 I cannot put it into words.
I feel blessed to be a small part of their lives
and treasure every email, phone conversation and visit.
They make my life richer.
Welcome them into yours.



erin said...

yippie skippie!! all the prizes are fantastic!! i already know sweet Carole (maynard greenhouse), but i'll be checking out the others!! i am drooling over that punkin!

Bead and Needle said...

YOU ROCK TOO, Z...SO hard! This is a pretty incredible undertaking, and thank you for including me! I bought a beautiful bracelet from Theresa at 612 Riverside a few m onths back...Carole, The Ribbon Lady is one of my dearest friends...Carole at Maynard Greenhouse I love from her beautiful blog - am looking forward to getting over to the other blogs!

Went to "Hippiefest" at the Hilton last night...Dave Mason was the highlight of the evening for me - nothing to look at, but I LOVED the group Traffic and he played the big ones!

Happy Monday, and I'm fairly certain you don't need to enter the contest because I know of at least one thing heading your way. :-) XO

Blondie's Journal said...

The talent here is amazing and inspiring, Suzan. Now I'm off to visit!!


Carol said...

Oh my goodness! I can't wait for Tuesday.



Joycee said...

Can't wait and new blogs to visit too...whoopie!

My Grama's Soul said...

WOW Z you have outdone yourself here. I clicked on each of their blogs.....massive talent here.

Please throw my hat in the ring.

I'll also post on my sidebar.

Hugs dear lady,


My Grama's Soul said...

Oh by the way.....I'm eligible for 7 entries as I have become followers of each of these gals....and I have followed you....FOREVER as you already know. LOL


d. reyné said...

This is going to be so much fun!
I am so excited!

Jacqueline said...

Too complicated for my silly old head Z. so good luck to the others!
I will take my time, with a cup of tea tomorrow and look at all the lovely blogs who are participating however!

Carole said...

I knew some of the other gals but just went over to Cindy's at Fat she does do great work.

I think I counted 5 entries for following...can't count myself..haha
Will add to my sidebar and will blog about it tomorrow.
Pooped tonight!


Libbie said...

SO many amazing friends Theresa sent me over! I follow her & am happy to follow you too! Pretty cool idea!!! The prizes are quite amazing! So glad she sent me your way to see your amazing blog! I can always count on Theresa!

Cindy@OldTimePickers said...

Was visiting over at Theresa's and she sent me this way. Been a follower of hers and now am following you, too. Three chances, I guess.
Wonderful giveaway...thanks!

Theresa said...

Z ~ you are FABU! (Max is making sure that I keep using his new abbreviation for fabulous!) This giveaway is the best... I will have to share the feedback that Tanya left for me after she bought my bracelet, let's just say shse completely made my day! I was carrying my computer around to show it off to Duane and Danielle :)
Your description of me just made my week, I'm going to have to get a longer cord for my computer so that I can show everyone in town!
I will be back later,
t. xoxooxoox

Pattie said...

LOVE this giveaway! I have followed you for quite a while. Thanks for sharing!

Jane said...

Amazing giveaway!!! Love it all! I'll be back to enter.

Ruffles and Relics said...

awesome gifts and new blogs to explore too!! I believe I have 4 entries..Thanks!!

Angela said...

Wonderful blogs, wonderful prizes!! I'm commenting and following 4 lovely blogs. Thanks!

Angela said...

Oops! I see I'm not to enter until tomorrow...that's good because I miscounted anyway!! Can you tell that I'm not a morning person?

Lorna said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the jewelry, holder, and pumpkin! Darling giveaway and site.

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