Sunday, August 7, 2011


More giveaway sneak peeks
Do I have the best buds or what!!!!!

Hand Sewn Jewelry Roll with  Roy Rogers and Trigger Necklace

 Fabulous Summer Issue of JD
(Sorry for the blur Carole, it wouldn't enlarge correctly for me,
 or in other words, I am a doofus and could not get it to)
You all know how fabulous this magazine is anyway!

Grain Sack Pumpkin with Burlap Rosettes

So many beautiful gifts and so many chances to win,
and yes there are MORE prizes!
Giveaway begins August 9th.
I will proudly share all the info
 on these fabulous talented women in the post. 
I just wish I could enter. lol


erin's art and gardens said...

hello dahling,
i am just catching up here and oh boy, your giveaway opportunities look fabulous!!! love that punkin!! and i so look forward to fall and all the punkin goodness...i have had it with this blistering summer all ready! weeeee...give away at Z's! something wonderful to look forward to.

Razmataz said...

Hey sweet pea. You really do have the most talented friends. Who would think to make a pumpkin like that....

the old white house said...

Can't wait! I didn't tell you how much I love that pic of DD in the last post, soooo sweet! t. xoxooxxo

Christine said...

JD I the only one who never heard of it? What is the name (sorry, blind, can't read it, LOL) and is it on the newstand?

Trigger! NO! Swoon. I LOVE Trigger! So much so that "he" lives in my backyard (or a lookalike.)

June said...

This is getting too good to be true Z!
I got teary reading your beautiful post about your girl leaving home to go back to her home.
You have created an amazing work my friend!
sending hugs...

Tanya said...

That is some great pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Gonna' be fun, for sure...thanks again, Z - Happy Sunday!

time worn interiors said...

Loving that pumpkin!

Claudia said...

Oh my goodness, a Roy Rogers necklace! I'm excited! My husband met RR and Dale many,many years ago and got their autographs. Of course, he lost them - he regrets it to this day.


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

You do have great friends!

Kathy said...

Wowza! Great goodies! That jewelry roll is amazing. Who knew someone who isn't in a factory in China could sew plastic?? Why did I think I could not sew platic? Huh? What?

YONKS said...

Giveaways look fantastic! Will it be open worldwide?
Have a great week!