Saturday, March 19, 2011


"New York, New York, it's a wonderful town!

The Bronx is up and the Battery's down
The people ride in a hole in the ground,
New York, New York, it's a wonderful town"

Of course when you find a neat old shelf on the sidewalk,
 you have to haul it home...on the subway, 
the hole in the ground.
..and when your Mom is in town she makes you do it.

I was in NYC all last week visiting the kids and I am 
now jet lagged and exhausted from walking many miles, 
and from subway stairs and 
dorm stairs. Darling Daughter chose to 
live in a green dorm, no elevators.
I am happy and thrilled to have spent days
 just hanging with the kids.

Did lots, saw lots, ate lots.
Dearest Son hung with us every night and 
some afternoons. Seems he is always checking his phone
however - he is a busy guy. Still working two, no, three jobs.

I tried to read all of your posts and 
 tried to keep up with my replies to
 your lovely comments, 
 but I may have missed a few so I apologize, 
if you were one of them.

I also have rose orders that came in right
 before I left and while I was gone 
 so the shop has no new pics
as they are leaving too quickly to shoot.
So please just tell me what you would like,
 and I will get right on it, and I will try to get some 
photos in the shop by weeks end, along 
with some other items coming in soon
also - I hope. I'm a bit out of sync.

The week away and the daylight savings
 and the 3 hour time difference and 
flying the red eye both ways has me
 a bit discombobulated. It also did not help
 to sleep on an awful dorm mattress, but
 saving $1,000 on a hotel and all the late night chats
and early morning teas were wonderful 
and so worth it.
So, there you have it.
I'm sleepy and slow moving but give me one good night's
sleep and this old grey mare will be her old self.
I adore my kids and I am so blessed
 to have had this opportunity to enjoy
 sharing some of their big city world.

I hope you are all well and happy.



Robyn said...

Suzan, it sure sounds like you had a DELIGHTFUL trip! Glad to have you back safe and sound if but a bit tired! ;-) Congrats on all the orders, how lovely!

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Great blog, just discovered you. That sidewalk find is my kind of piece. You scored on that one! Janna

June said...

I'm so glad you had a great time Z. I bet the kids hated to see you go home. Doesn't it make you feel good when they ask if you can stay just a little longer???
now get some rest!!!
sending ya big hugs...

Maureen said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time but it's always nice to get back to your own bed.

Love the bookcase. I can't believe you hauled it on the subway!

time worn interiors said...

Awh! Sounds like you guys had a great time! I've been spending some quality time with kids lately!

And I know for a fact you should be the proudest mother in the world! Your kids are wonderful!


Anonymous said...

If I had only known your children are in NYC. My daughter has been there for about 3 yrs. She's in the process of moving to England now. She gave some of her furniture to friends, vintage consignments shops and charity. She would have happily offered things for your kids for free. Oh darn.


oldgreymare said...


that's so sweet - I wish so too, they have so little for their apts lol

good luck to your daughter in her new life in England.
such exciting lives our kids are living....


Char said...

i love that shelf too! what a great find.

and spending time with family is always just the best

Beatnheart said...

where do I start? Love that bookself! Your kids are adorable, both really attractive. Love your choice of tunes...Breakin Benjamin..your cool.

Theresa said...

Helllooooo! I am so glad you had such a wonderful time with the kids, they are both so cute! ( I don't mean for that to sound like they are little but seriously they are so cute!) I love the shelf, and the fact that you guys dragged it onto the subway with you, you know I soooo would have done the same thing!
I have been gone, I was kidnapped by my sister and sil and swept away for a girls getaway bday celebration. omg it was thee best time! I will tell you all about it and hopefully have pics to share soon, can you believe I forgot my camera?
Love your garden flowers too, lunky girl... xoxo

erin said...

hello dahling!!! or should i call you miss discombobulated.....

glad you made it home safely and i am lovin that shelf unit!! that photo is sooo N.Y. the way no one is paying any attention to the shelf or the picture taking, or your beautiful daughter!

hope you have rested up? i am sure you miss the kiddos....


Jill said...

Oh, that must have been an amazing visit. I take it you've been there before because you weren't just gaga over the big city. I spent 5 weeks in the bronx as a student. It was then that I decided that "...yes, I could marry Jim and live in Nebraska the rest of my life..." I LOVED my time there but knew it wasn't for me long term. I so want to take my older daughters there for a long weekend. Such a different world. I can picture your time in a dorm as that is where I stayed in the weeks I was there too. Of course my bones were much younger then!!!

Becca said...

Hi neighbor. Oh yes, enjoy today even windy and cool, for tomorrow it will be July and 110! I am not looking forward to it. Your banks rose is lovely I've had a white banks rose for a few years in a pot. It hasn't bloomed yet, but still looks's not July, that's why. Glad you're doing well. :-)

kitchu said...

sounds like it was a fantastic, fun, and interesting visit. glad you were able to enjoy special time with your kids. i love that shot of your son :)

marcia at Child in Harmony said...

sounds GLORIOUS! mattress and all. There's nothing like kids :)

happy day!