Tuesday, March 29, 2011


How to change a bath in under 2 hours

Right before I left for NYC I removed
 all of this from the kids bath.

It had served the kids and their friends
 for many years, but I was ready for a change.
So I shot a pic of the complete set, sent a for sale notice
 out to my friends and sold it all 
including the matching tissue boxes,
and it now occupies a friend's kids bath.
(The kids and I enjoyed dinner out on the proceeds.)

Today I decided to see what I already had in 
the house to get a start on the new ivory based 
room and 1 hour later ... 

The double wire basket used to hold 
breads or fruit during parties.
The jars came from the pantry.
The lamp was in the garage.

Borrowing from other rooms and the linen
closet I have a very good start.
The shower curtain is 2 burlap curtains
 from Ballard that once hung in a bedroom.

The room definitely needs some tweaking.
The burlap needs some pressing and the
 pictures need to be hung lower. I plopped on
 existing nails. But in under an hour, 
it is a good base.

A few more vintage finds and the room
will be just fine.
Sometimes you just need to BEGIN
Remember my word for the year?
What do you want to change?

Joining White Wednesday hosted by the lovely Kathleen


April said...

That's a great redo if I've ever seen one! It all looks so pretty! Sure wish I could change some things around in our house, but with it being on the market now for 15 months, I'm kind of in a holding pattern.

Bead and Needle said...

Beautiful makeover, you quick change artist, you!

Olive Cooper said...

Presto chango Z! Well done!

Jane said...

Job well done!! It's nice someone else was able to use all of your old bath stuff for their kid's bathroom.
I love your changes. And I'm impressed you had all that stuff on hand!!

Anonymous said...

Remarkable and well done!

Kit said...

Oooo, very nice! Love the change. But I have to admit, I liked the old bath too. You have great taste. Kit

Faded Charm said...

I love it Z. So romantic and simple. The burlap fits in so nicely also. I've been wanting to get some from Ballards....wish the stuff wasn't so hard to sew with or I would do it myself(with all my spare time...LOL)

wishing you a wonderful week:)


June said...

Hey can you come over and do this to mine???? You do it sooo well Z.
sending big hugs (and a plane ticket)

jojo said...

very nice...you won't need much tweaking at all!

Thanks for the sweet gift I got in the mail today...I love it and am still quite fascinated in how you did that!

Jillayne said...

Love it. Love how you shop from your own house - see things by differnetly and show that geography can have an impact.
I want to change my kitchen and bedroom next. I just need my husband to live in a different province for a few weeks,,,

sharon said...

very inspiring Z, you're so right, sometimes we have to 'just do it'. Great result
PS Are you running Project Genesis this month? for once I have an idea!!

sharon said...

so inspiring Z, what fun to make such a big change in so little time, and with not much expense. Love the result

PS Hope you're running Project G this month, I think I have an idea!!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Great shots Suzan.. and love the black accents...
Have a good one.. ciao xxxx Julie

A Cottage Muse said...

Looks awesome!

Now I know what to do when it snows AGAIN on Friday!

Jill said...

Gosh, it all looks great, before and after! I really like the lamp by the sink. I've started adding lamps to the mantle and book shelves but don't think I would have thought to add one by the sink. Nice touch.

Maureen said...

What a nice change!

P.S. My package arrived! Thanks for the quick turnaround. I love the 'em.

beth said...

that's fantastic !

i redecorated the kids bath once they were all moved out and i love it.

it's very eclectic and other than new towels and a shower curtain, i did like you and found everything else i needed already somewhere else in my house...mostly in strorage living a sad little life.

Roselle said...

That's FAB! I am loving the wired baskets that usually hold fruit. I think I will have to use this idea! Visiting from WW.

Theresa said...

Z~ You are THEE Quick Change Artist! The new bath looks wonderful, I love all of the creams and tans. I really love that you already sold the stuff you took out of there, you really know how to do things right! xoxo

Theresa said...

Z~ You are THEE Quick Change Artist! The new bath looks wonderful, I love all of the creams and tans. I really love that you already sold the stuff you took out of there, you really know how to do things right! xoxo

Romeo said...

Most wonderful!!! Still room for me up on the counter, so it's a two paws up kind of wonderful!!! Sure wish "she" would work that quickly!! Sometimes "she" can do it and sometimes "she" redoes a vignette or room so many times, I can't even remember where it all began! Seriously!

We are so glad to hear that you are going to NYC!!! That makes me heart soar! Enjoy the days!


Romeo and "her"

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

making decorating changes,even something as simple as moving the furniture around can really make me feel great....change is good and what you did in an hour is great. I love to see items repurposed. It really got me to thinking about some searching in my own basement and making a few changes =)

Tanya said...

I love it. My kind of makeover, use what you have!