Thursday, March 31, 2011


Something Pretty

Something bugging me.

I and several of my friends have 
noticed another disturbing trend in blog land.
More and more bloggers are altering their post times,
throughout a day or several days so that their
post "pops" back up to the top of the blog roll,
over and over again.

Now, I get the need some folks have to be 
seen in order to sell or to promote themselves, I mean
we are founded on free enterprise but here is the 
"bug" in this kind of business. 

Many of us, myself included, rely on
 our blog roll updates to keep track of posts 
by our friends and our favorites. 
I know I can use reader, but mostly I refer to my roll,
A quick glance lets us know what is new, 
and we don't waste time checking 
through previously viewed blog posts, or miss one 
because the times posted have been altered on us.
Haven't you noticed comments to you like
 " I don't know how I missed this post of yours?"

Being able to trust post times 
 allows us all more time to actually 
visit friends via emails or comments, 
which is something all of us
 time deprived bloggers desire.

When bloggers re-post their times
 it throws the whole thing
out of whack. I have heard from at least
 10 other bloggers about this in the last 2 months,
concerning their own blog rolls,
and it is NO LONGER going unnoticed.

Free speech and free choices out here,
of course, but all of us need to/should play nice.
To me, this is the equivalent of people who
 go into stores ahead of a sale and hide what 
they want to buy when the sale starts, 
and then prance in the next morning
 when the sale is on and pull out their prize 
from a place where no one else would find it.

It just isn't nice, and people, please, we are adults; 
no longer in grade school.
Most of us were taught to play nice 
and follow the golden rule,
and I do not want to anger or embarrass
 anyone who IS doing it,
I am merely trying to say very politely, please stop.

My blog roll is for my personal use;
 for me to follow my friends and also hopefully, to 
introduce others equally to my favorite people.
Please stop cutting in line.
My 6th grade teacher Miss Weber
 taught me not to do that.
Just sayin'

Now, here is a puppy.

(cute overload)



Razmataz said...

I have noticed it too, and that it is happening with more and more blogs. If they want to get noticed they should write a new post. I often have time to read only a few of the updated ones on my blog roll, so this means the new posts are getting shoved down the list by the others.

Thank you Suzan for speaking up.

April said...

I must be completely "out to lunch" because I had no idea that anything like this was going on. For shame, for shame!

basketsnprims said...

I hadn't heard of this or even noticed it. I guess I'll have to start paying attention. thanks for the info.

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

I guess I am slow, haven't noticed.

Olive Cooper said...

Z, I have noticed and had no clue how it was done. I have no desire to be a rock star in blog land but I realize some do and I guess that are doing this. You are right that some blogs on my roll get out of order when this happens. thanks for bringing the awareness♥O

from me to thee......... said...

I never noticed this, or for that matter thought about it, oh well.....

Bead and Needle said...

Tsk, tsk...I am probably just too blog illiterate to realize that people could (or WOULD - WHAT'S WITH THAT???!!!) actually do that! Hell, I post and the only reason I ever go back in on mine is if I realize a horrible typo has been made - what's there is there. THANKS FOR THE PUPPY, Z! I needed that...have a stress free Thursday and Friday - Bead and Glass Show tomorrow - going?


Jill said...

I'm not really sure what you are talking about. I know if you go in and edit something, it posts again as if it's new. That's why it appears sometimes multiple times in a reader. I sadly was not aware of that way back and would publish, see an error and fix it, sometimes more than once. Now, I'm more careful in my proofing before I hit publish. I know I added a link in a post the other day like a day later and assume it posted as new again. What do you mean by altering post times?

Anonymous said...

If I update a post and republish it am I guilty of this? I need to understand exactly what is being done before I'll know if I've been accidently doing this!

Helen said...

Help me out .. is a blog roll the same as the dashboard feature I use to check for newly posted blogs of people I follow? How is it possible to re-post with a different time? Once I've posted, even if I alter or edit something I have never been able to get it to re-post. Thanks for helping...

sugar Creek said...

I haven't noticed either, but sometimes I don't pay attention either! Yes like you said it's not nice to cut in line. I want that puppy!!! So cute!!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

I'm with Jill. I make my posts late at night and sometimes find my mistakes in the AM. Worse yet, sometimes I link an older post to a new linky party and edit that post to include their button. Are you saying that that old post will show in your blog roll as a "new" post?

Vicki said...

I haven't noticed but agree not a good practice. Glad you spoke up.

oldgreymare said...

Hey there guys...Relax. Editing your post does not do this. That is not what I am talking about, so no worries.

I certainly do not wish to instruct anyone on how to do this lol but I am referring to actually going in and altering the actual time of post. Say you post at 2:15 can go in anytime after, days even and change the post by "actually typing" in a different time and it "pops" the post to the new time as if you just did it..

So others checking their blog roll will often miss those posts in between if they are not careful observers to this trick.

Bottom line..If you don't know what I'm talking are not doing it and editing does NOT cause If you've never heard of it then no one on your roll or friends rolls are doing it enough to notice...lucky you.

and please don't take any of this discussion as a how to ....

As I said, I certainly do not wish to upset anyone but perhaps offenders are unaware of the impact this has on others.

again..cute puppy :D

Hartwood Roses said...

This has happened on my blog roll with one blog in particular. At first, I was a bit confused about having the same post pop to the top of my list over and over for a day or two, then I figured it out. Tiring of situation, I dropped that blog from my list.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

You know..I've seen it but never put 2 and 2 together before..(probably because I hate math!)but you're right! I was wondering why one keeps "up front" on my list several times a week...huh..

And..I *LOVE* that adorable pup! Love "Cute Overload" anytime..any day..every day!!

Ames said...

I too tend to edit my post (a lot) but have never seen it pop back up on the top of my blog roll as a new post. But if I can't see it do others? I hope not.~Ames

Bead and Needle said...

"Hartwood" probably has the best suggestion, in dropping them from the blog list...can't play nice, then you don't deserve to play. That would probably be my solution (kneejerk, as it may be - and, as I usually am). :-) Thanks for the comment, Z. Rest easy, my friend - you've done your duty for the day! Think puppies! Tanya

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

You go girl! I had no idea this is going on, but I certainly agree that it's a bit shady.

Thanks for bring it to the surface!

Love the puppy....gotta get me one soon.


Jules said...

Well thanks for explaining that mystery to me because I have missed blog posts. Now I can keep my eyes open for the line breakers.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Sandi said...

Hmm...I haven't noticed that either, but that isn't saying much. I don't notice a lot of things! lol
I have however edited mine many times when I find a misspelled word etc. and you have to hit the PUBLISH button each time so if that changes the time...yikes!! I will know better from now on. You said editing does not do this though so hoping that includes me.

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hi Z, I know where you're coming from; I do this once a week on Friday morning because I post my Vintage Inspiration Friday party mid day on Thursday. Then I re-post on Friday morning in case someone missed it. With some though, it's a raging habit, for no specific reason. So I hope you'll forgive me if I'm lumped in the naughty group. just lettin' people know the party is going.

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

I had not noticed that or even heard of it. I was also getting worried after reading others post that editing a post would cause that to happen. Thanks for clearing that up. ~~Sherry~~

Romeo said...

Okay, now I understand. I had no idea this could be done. As I mentioned earlier, what people will do to get attention. Seriously folks! I also agree with a few others who mentioned dropping those individuals from our blog list. I'm not interested in playing with folks who see nothing wrong with cutting in line....

"Her" and Romeo

Low Tide High Style said...

I've noticed this too and had no clue why it occurred and that it was done on purpose. And like you I use my blog roll as a way to visit blogs and read their latest posts. And tell me you're joking that people actually go to stores and hide stuff prior to sales?! Really? Can someone with that kind of time lend me a little, I could sure use it!!

Thanks for posting about this!

Kat :)

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Wow. I didn't even know that was possible. Sounds like people have too much time on their hands. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I saw a comment over at another blog where I popped in to voice my opinion about Steven Tyler, saw you mentioned GH. A guilty pleasure, I haven't watched for about 6 mos and it dawned on me yesterday that I'm really wondering what Carly's up to these days.

Good to meet you. Happy weekend!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

I'm setting my TiVo for GH tomorrow. I may be the only one to admit it, but I LOVE Carly. Hear you on James Franco... yum.

Luke & Laura ahhh... those were the days.

Thanks for making my night. GH fans get it. Did I mention I have a Luke & Laura sweatshirt signed by Genie Francis? ;)

Jillayne said...

Haven't noticed it but I think it's because that's not how I look at them, plus, on my blog they're in alphabetical order so posting time has no effect.
I have edited my own posts once or twice and now I will certainly think before I do that!
People can be so daft, and it's amazing to me how much all of this matters to some bloggers - until they get completely overwhelmed that is. Very silly...

Boxwood Cottage said...

I don't think this is done on purpose Z! It happened to me too just yesterday and I saw that suddenly my post appeared 3 or 4 times in Google reader and I think it happened when I corrected my blog text and had to push the publish button again, in order to correct my blog post.

A Cottage Muse said...

Love the cute puppy!

I recently got rid of my blog roll just because I wanted a different look on my blog...guess I did just in time!

beth said...

AMEN SISTER......i couldn't agree more !!!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Morning Suzan....!

I hope this note finds you well Lovey....!

I must admit I was CLUELESS to this & actually was worried I was GUILTY of it until I read through your comments & read that it has to do with MANUALLY altering the time....PHEW because I go in & edit mine due to TERRIBLE spelling ALL THE TIME....hahahahaha....I guess I can relax now.... :o) !!!

THANK YOU for explaining this....I'll be paying more attention from now on....!!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend....!!

Cheers from Oz again ** sigh **,
Tamarah :o)

Leanne said...

I knew there was a good reason why I used Reader :)

Kit said...

I am such a babe in the woods about my blog still, that I didn't know you could alter the time. I guess I will have to pay better attention. Love the puppy. Gave me a good chuckle. You floor me. Kit

Tina Eudora said...

I had no idea this was even possible and yes I have had people tell me they had missed my post..etc. I have to admit I hadn't noticed this happening, but then I wasn't online as much because I have been dealing with health issues and family problems. As an artist who was thinking of starting a separate blog for selling my artwork, I wouldn't think annoying people was a good way to garner business! Sheesh...
Tina xo

Anonymous said...

thank you for saying this, it needed to be said.
some "savvy" blog people need to knock it off.

Anonymous said...

Whatever! Is it really a big deal?

oldgreymare said...

SGC, I appreciate your comment and question.

Well, by the response I got via email, comments, phone calls, etc it seems it is at the very least an annoyance. I personally only knew of a few, but the practice was far more widespread than I imagined as blogger after blogger notified me of blogs that were messing up their rolls with the practice. When you have several on your blog roll, or reader doing it, it wreaks havoc as you try to stay updated on posts of your dear friends.

At the very worst it causes followers who like you to drop you from their rolls. I received notice from many a blogger who had done just that and solely because of pop ups..Now, it seems to me that if you participate in "popping up" it is because you are seeking popularity, and if you lose followers because of it, isn't that quite counterproductive?

As in real life there are those who believe they deserve more, or the rules of kindness do not apply to them. You know the ones...they are 5 behind you in line at the store but when a new line opens they rush ahead of everyone else to get there first. To some, that is a go- getter, an aggressive type who gets what they want. To others they're a rude schmuck.

Is it a big deal? That is personally relevant to each participant in blog land. To me, it was worth bringing to the light, up for discussion, because it was being whispered about and I always believe awareness, honesty and kindness are a big deal.