Sunday, March 6, 2011


So....update on earlier post today
Coroner vans came shortly after.
We may never know what happened.
scary, awful, disheartening, sorrowful
Several blog issues
that may have affected you.

Thumbnail pics missing from your post updates:
Info Via Sharon
Blogger/Picasa have moved the goalposts on this one - again, and without warning -  and it's up to us to come running up behind. Why did they do this? - DUH ... I don't know.

I've had a couple of mails on this one so I thought I'd share the solution which was brought to me by the kind Gina of Art and Alfalfa  and Mark of All Things Ruffnerian

Here we go!

To have the first picture of your blogpost showing as a thumbnail on other blogrolls, you go back into Edit post and click the HTML button, Scroll down until you find the HTML code for the first picture in your post. Within that code you will find, once or twice this:


You need to make a couple of modifications, this is what you want -

https becomes http:/ / and becomes 

Follower Numbers:

As you know, I do not show my numbers.
Recently blogger made it harder to do this. 
If you too wish to exit the competition,
while still loving your followers here is how:
info via Julie

You have to delete your followers gadget you have now.. and then set up a new one as an HTML gadget using code specific to your blog... 
The code can be found at the Friend's Connect Site.

When you get to this page.. it will have a list of things you can do.. ie ADD MEMBERS GADGET... before you select this make sure you have selected the blog you want to do it for.. [eg if you have more than one blog you need to select the blog from the list on the left hand side of page.. you will know you have the correct one when the Title of you blog and number of followers shows above the ADD MEMBERS GADGET box

Step one allows you to change the width and how many rows of faces will show

Step 2: Click on  Add Member's Gadet .. this will pop up with all the options for colours/hex codes etc and you can change them as you please [ie I just change all text and backgrounds to be the same as my blog background.. ]

Step 3 will then generate the code with all your chosen options and also code specific to your blog and you ID.... 
Copy and past this code into a NEW HTML gadget on your blog... you may want to add a title.. 'Follower's' etc.. or not.. 

Thank you Julie and Sharon!
Thank goodness for help from friends.
I have not tried the first yet, but easily
 and successfully completed the second after 
my numbers magically popped back up again.

Here's hoping for a calm, safe week for all of us.


jojo said...

well that can't be sad all around. I hope you get some answers if only for peace of mind. take care.

Jill said...

I have to come back and read this again and check out the links.

June said...

Hi Z,
It sounds like your Sunday was a frightening one, to say the very least. I for one, am just glad that YOU are okay!
My family's safety is what I pray for most of all. And when I read all the scary things going on around this world, my prayers become more frequent and earnest.

The rest of this post is greek to me. You know how techy I am!
sending hugs

erin said...

hello friend,

thanks for the info on all the puter stuff........

but i am just glad YOU are safe and sound ......

your last post has had me frightened and feeling vulnerable...

too close to home.....

yes, i pray for you and all, a "calm and safe week".


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Sounds like you have had a bit of excitement over your way Suzan... crazy stuff.. I wonder if you will ever find out what went down...

Stay safe and have a lovely week.. ciao xxxx Julie

Laura said...

I don't know if I have a technical problem to even know if I need to fix it!

I am off to read what happened-

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