Thursday, May 20, 2010

Needing Levity

SO, after the seriousness of the last post we need a wee bit of levity, so here it is...
After the age of 50, never EVER ever, buy a small 10x magnifier even if it is only
$2.00 at Big Lots.

I finally left the house after 10 days confined to couch and bed to run some important errands. Had to mail care package to homesick darling daughter. (Earrings and necklaces Mama had made for her, and some fun new spring makeup - darn HSN at 3 am.)

Also had to stop by bank to deposit funds for darling daughter because cleaning crew came through her dorm room, to clean the other empty rooms and ignoring the fact that she obviously still lived there removed everything outside of her room. $50.00 worth of food in fridge, shower curtain and liner, toilet brush, plunger, all the TP, her teakettle. There were signs posted everywhere in and out of fridge that they ignored and took it all Hannah has to replace everything since she still lives there through June! Darling daughter and I contacted the proper people and she can fill out forms in triplicate and will receive reimbursement sometime before her graduation in 2013.

But I digress, the 10 x magnifier... So after those errands I popped into Big Lots and while looking for new hairbrush saw this little 5" round magnifier mirror. It had a huge sticker across the middle so you really couldn't see into the mirror. Those pesky little chin hairs that Other people suffer from, I assumed would be easily seen in this mirror, and hey, it was a couple bucks.

Came home, tossed it on the counter and a few hours later removed the sticker from the glass and took it over by the kitchen window and.............OMG! Pores the size of moon craters! Broken capillaries rivaling the Mississippi Delta, a Sherwood Forest of chin hairs. Darn thing did not even break as I dropped it into the sink in dismay. $2.00 worth of angst, teen sunbathing remorse, genetic heritage frustration.

This serves you fair warning or cause for stampede to BL for this 10x mirror. Everything you always, or never wanted to know about the landscape of your face.
They're right by the hairbrushes, they're blue, they're $2.00 - just in case you wanted to know. : }



Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

You are too funny. I do have a 10x mirror (it's small, but still very scarry...very, very scarry). I don't like it.

Come to think of it, I'm really not a 'mirror' person at all, hummmm.


erin said...

FUNNY!! the good thing about loosing eyesight after 50 is not seeing all the dirt and dust in my house........or my wrinkles.

joanne said...

HA! too funny. It amazes me how quickly those suckers can take over...only time I've been glad to be so fair haired/skinned, if I miss a couple it hardly least that's what I tell myself.

Faded Charm said...

I think I'll pass. I kinda like that I don't have very much light in bathroom at all. "Outa sight, outa mind" iswahat I always say. Loved this post, Suzan. You made me realize I'm not the only one with problems. LOL


Susanne said...

On my way home today, I stopped in for a pedicure and the "young lady" asked if I wanted an eyebrow wax as well, obviously she could tell from several feet away that I did! I wish I had my pocket light up magnifier with me cause when she asked me to check it I couldn't see a dang thing! So I love my little mirror, can't say the same for those who don't need them.....yet.

clustres said...

Well, I first started with a 5X and then an 8X and I just don't have the stomach to go any higher!

June said...

All I can say to this Z, is I've never been so glad that the nearest Big Lots is more than 120 miles from here!!!! I have no desire to see the damage I've done to this almost 55 year old face close
you make me laugh!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Oh Suzan
I can see you are feeling a wee bit better.. your wonderful sense of humour is back...Mind you I NEVER want a 10x mirror now.. it's bad enough with regular mirrors... I kind of try and ignore the obvious disaster going on!! haha...

Wow.. too bad about Hannah's things.. that incredible.. I would be truly peeved.... take care dear friend.. xxx Julie

welltraveled said...

I live 6 months in the north and 6 months in Florida .In Florida I look amazing for my years..No 10 X Mirror there..

Bead and Needle said...

Oh, this made my morning...glad to see you are feeling better. Sorry about Hannah's misfortune!

Off to buy a mirror...I can't see to even get eye makeup on correctly any longer, and I am sure my closest friends are just being nice about it! :-)