Sunday, May 30, 2010

More than Soldiers

From the Morning Observer Washington Pennsylvania

"Venetia Sept 21, 1942- Nearly a year ago, Mrs. Robert Rennie knit
a sweater during the Bundles for Britain campaign,
and before she turned in it to the local committee,
her son David put a note in the pocket.
Last week David received the following letter from England:"

All letters were being inspected and opened.
It is dated August 17, 1942
It was my father David , who received this letter.
My Grandmother Nettie, a schoolteacher, had him
write the note to a child far away trapped in the throes of war.

"Dear David,

"Just a line to thank you for your very kind and thoughtful note which you put in a little jacket.

"Of course, you wish us a Merry Christmas, but we have just received your little message and it Aug 16th. As you ask for a reply, I am only too pleased to write on behalf of my daughter Sheila who is just beginning to write. Of course, you will understand - she will be eight in October. I thought I would answer for her, as we have suffered terribly in this war.

"But now your country is at our side. We were ever so pleased when America came in to help get it over. Air raids are dreadful, but we still carry on just hoping and praying for that day when Peace comes.

"It was ever so nice to read those few lines from you - how thoughtful. "God Bless You." I have just brought Sheila back from the country as she was evacuated away for 11 months, suffering with a nervous breakdown owing to the air raids. But she is getting along nicely now and we are ever so pleased.

"If you care to write to us, we will sure be proud of our American friends. I do hope you get this letter.

"Cheerio and good luck from,

"Miss Sheila Luxon
153 Solebay St
Burdett Road, Mile End
London, England "

Many more than soldiers and their families should be remembered
today. Thousands of children carry the scars, fears and horror of
wars. Bearing these as medals of honor, of their survival.
Memorial Day 2010
Remembering and praying for Peace.



Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear Suzan
How right you are.. and families shattered by traumatized or lost family members...

As you know we recently had Anzac Day and our Remembrance Day is in November... We have an institution called 'Legacy' which helps the families of those affected by war.. as just as you say... the scars go further than those that fought..

What a sweet letter and fabulous idea it was to write to those affected by the hardship of war...a note from afar certainly must have spelt hope for the future during a bleak time.. xxx Julie

June said...

Dear Z,
To read this letter really brought home to me that we have no idea how people suffer in war time, when it is their country being invaded. What a letter to have shared with us. It has really made me think and be grateful that my own children have been shielded from this. At the same time however, it makes me so sad for those who have been made to suffer. Thank you so much for sharing this today.

Faded Charm said...

What a touching post and you are so right about the many lives that have been scarred by wars. I was just talking to my daughter about how lucky we have been to not have lost anyone really close to war.

Hope you are well.


Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

Oh my Suzan, what a special piece of history you have. What a beautiful and touching thing your grandmother had your father do by writing to someone out of kindness and love. It must have been such a ray of hope for the little girl to receive it. This was a wonderful post, thanks for sharing. Theresa
p.s. thanks for bringing the error in my post to my attention, I misspelled in the address, all fixed now!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hi Suzan, what a wonderful little piece of personal history. I love the idea of the note in the sweater. I guess we could not imagine what so many people suffered through. Thank you for sharing this sweet post!