Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Memorial Day

I cannot visit those who are in my memories.
I live too far from the graves of my grandparents;
too far from the park and my brother's gardens, where my parents wished
their ashes to be spread. The weekend always gives me pause,
as I watch AMC and TCM soldier movies,
as I think of the sacrifices all nations have made.

I was going to post Navy shots of my Dad, but I detoured into the
thoughts of my folks and a memorial to them, then detoured again as I
thought about how I always feel them watching over me.

Thus, the angels,
that surround me physically and metaphorically:

I hope you are all able to be with your families this weekend.

Remembering all the angels
in my life and in yours.



Patti said...

Its kinda funny that your parents' ashes are spread in your brothers garden because thats where mine want to be spread. They were gardeners all their lives, and today I was planting sweet corn the way my dad showed me since I was a child and I just kept thinking about him. He passed just 2 days after X-mas and we have'nt spread his ashes yet! My mother is still with us and they both lived in the same house as us. It was my grandmothers' house. I just cannot bring myself to put him out there yet. But now reading your post today has kinda pushed me towards that day. Thanks for such a beautiful post and all the angels.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Suzan
I think this is a lovely tribute to commemorate those we have lost and those that fought bravely for their country... .... your angels are wonderful and I agree they are all around watching over us .... My parents ashes are both scattered in gardens as well..

Have a lovely memorial day my friend.. xxx Julie