Friday, February 26, 2010

Desert Gal No More & Doggie Madness

A new phenomenon has begun at our house whenever Darling Daughter Skypes home. Justice immediately shoves me aside and jumps onto the desk to talk to her. It is freaky, funny, and frustrating. Justice begins to shake uncontrollably and whine, no cry, no HOWL at a fever pitch until Darling Daughter's image disappears. I have resorted to wearing headphones in order to talk to her. Other wise I am saying "what? what did you just say?" because pooch is howling. Howie hasn't a clue and just tilts his head from side to side at all the fuss.

Hannah finds it hilarious and calls Justice's name and says "here girl, here girl" until I swear the pooch will suffer apoplexy!
Darling daughter sent this to me this morning. She is loving the snow! Of course she does not have to drive in it, or shovel it, just enjoy it. This is the courtyard of her dorm. Oh, I wish I was there. I am thrilled that darling daughter will finally get to experience a winter the way I did while growing up. Her PapPap would be happy too.


Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

That is too cute that Justice jumps up and watches her like that. He must really miss her. Maybe he thinks she's on TV...she's a star?
You're right snow is great when you don't have to drive in it....I never go anywhere so I like it but we only got rain this time.
I'm loving the mud:))
Going home....I'll talk to you soon.

June said...

That must be hilarious to see and not so pleasant to hear. Poor Justice. My pup goes nutty when I bring up one of the blogs I visit that has bird sounds on it. Isn't Sype a wonderful thing?

Boxwood Cottage said...

I'll need to skype again too when Roxanne is in NY state. We did that when she was in Australia, it's a great thing! Although our cat never recognized her on the pc screen. Funny little dog!
If it is just her voice that makes him whine I'd better take in earplugs too

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

WE don't have amy animals now..but that would be so cute to see...and like you said. NOT HEAR.
She IS going to give that dog a heart attack...not being able to feel her hand patting it's head, etc.
Skype is wonderful.