Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Dearest Post #194

Dearest is 24 today.

Happy Birthday. I am so proud of you and love you a thousand times more. The fact that this is the only recent pic I have of you is proof that you are too far away, and that I need to take more photos when I do see you.

Although you have heard the story a hundred times before, others haven't. You were a huge baby and even after 9 hours of drugs to start labor I did not have one contraction. When we were informed they were going to do a C-section, your Dad and I (OK, only I started to panic), not about the c-section, but because we had no insurance. As I'm being wheeled to the OR I am fretting all over the place about how we were going to pay for you, with your Dad running along side saying "shh now".

Thankfully, all went well, you were healthy as could be, and when you weighed in at 10lbs. 3 oz, I was ever so grateful to pay any of the costs, to not have delivered you in another manner.

You were a wonderful baby, adorable toddler, loving and cantankerous pre-teen, smart and talented teenager, and now an honest, kind and admirable man. Your family adores you. You are surrounded by friends and Sweet Miranda, who love you and support you. You are living a good life.

Now, send me some better photos pronto ;-0

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June said...

Happy Birthday to your son Suzan. Wow, ten pounds! I hurt just thinking about it.
You updated!!! I'm so excited about that.