Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pajama Day

It is Wednesday night, past 11 somethin' and I have decided to spend all day tomorrow in my pj's. There. A proclamation of sorts.

Now, don't go thinking that there was anything wrong with today that would make me want to spend all day Thursday in my very old, very holey, unmatched set of man's pajamas. NO, NOT THAT man.

Today was actually a lovely day. I actually slept 6 hours the night before; a three week record. Then my friend Stephanie came by and we did a long lunch at Panera and then took a stroll through the District shops, PB and Anthropologie of course. PB had some fabulous new items and their displays were some of their best ever. Shoot, I meant to mention that to the manager. We got some great ideas for Steph's house, saw some fab bird houses, then off to Anthro. Where...drum roll....they had Etcetera, the book I've been craving, back in stock. So, went off the budget and treated myself.

Came home to a wonderful Idaho email from Kristin, four long phone chats with Sarah, Pam, Paula and Suzi. Made myself poor man's mac and cheese- don't ask it's disgusting but darling daughter and I love it.'s cooked elbow macaroni, a little butter, grated cheese and ketchup. Told ya it was bad.

I cannot imagine a better way to follow up this day, than to spend tomorrow being a lazy hoot. I'll fiddle in the studio, maybe start a new novel, watch GH at 2:00, maybe take a nap. Tonight I will snuggle on the porch sofa with my gorgeous new book, enjoying the rain downpour on the tin roof. I wish wonderful tomorrows for all of you whatever you choose to do or have to do.

I will try not to feel guilty at this indulgence, considering what is happening in the world, but rather count all my bountiful blessings and say prayers for those not as fortunate. Please know I count all of you as blessings. That you stop by here to share in my musings, meanderings and occasional mush means the world to me. Consider yourself hugged big time.


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June said...

You are so funny Suzan! I think it would be great to spend all day in my Pj's but if I did, when I went to town to get my coke, everyone in this small town would be thinking I must be depressed or crazy. I best just get dressed. The mac and cheese sounds, well (how do I say this without hurting your feelings)discusting. It sounded so yummy till you got to the ketchup part.
You aren't updating on my blog again.