Thursday, January 7, 2010

Justice's opinion

The opinion of Justice (there on the left) is that all this foolishness should be over. Please tell me if any of the rest of you have living rooms that look like this. I am usually right on this task and by now, everything is back in their appropriate places on the garage shelves. If this is an indication of my sluggishness for 2010, not a good sign. I'll finish up today but not without a long day, and I know I won't have time to get all the icy stuff and stencils off all the windows. See what we, (well, maybe it IS only me) have to do out here in the desert to get the Winter feeling? I should have it, because I have only had heat a couple days so far this season. Furnace has been temperamental, and while reading in the evening, I've been wearing wool scarves, heavy sweaters and gloves. When you can see your breath in the morning mirror it is time to call the repair guys..again. But hey, spring is just around the corner, and the air conditioner is still under warranty, thank heaven.

Announcing Gathering info Saturday morning, so stop on back. I'd better get back to Operation Christmas Take Down. I've had enough of the raspberries from Justice. (If you haven't already noticed, check out her tongue). Oh, I know a few of you gals are newbies to blogging, so click in the center of the pic and it will magnify for you. Not all pics on all blogs do this, but most of mine will.

* several people emailed today wondering how I photo shopped Justice and the tongue. Folks, that IS her tongue. Poor baby, was born with a tongue too large for her mouth and for 9 years we have had large vet bills because of it, horrible teeth issues and her nose is constantly irritated from the licking. No one else wanted her, but we love her. It doesn't always hang out like that, only when she is giving me attitude.


June said...

Hey that looks like it did here a few days ago. My family unexpectedly made a visit during the middle of it go to a memorial service for a friend of ours and it wasn't pretty. My little two year old g-daughter had a blast in all the mess and made it even bigger. I feel your pain my friend.
It is sad when we have to put it all away so soon.
hugs said...

OH, you should see my sunroom:) We (as in my husband) too the deadest tree down 2 days ago and left half of it on the floor. I am taking a break from cleaning the mess now. Thankfully my floor is brick not carpet and I won't have to the needles all year but OMG what a mess. The good thing is I am changing curtains, dusting,cleaning and changing things around to make it look brand new. That makes it more fun. A fresh new start! Will I be happy when I wake up to a neat room tomorrow. Then I will tackle the rest of the house...Make yourself a nice cup of tea and try to keep warm. I will be thinking of you while I clean the rest of this mess:)
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