Monday, January 11, 2010

So before she left for college, darling daughter left this taped inside my fridge to encourage me to stick to a healthier diet.

Yesterday I found this one taped to the other side. That girl cracks me up every time.

Gathering - Valentine banner in it's original state

Length so far-

This evening mine is baking in the oven. Mine needs to be grungy. Lots of different color combos and add-ons all ready for my students. Some will end up being lacy pretty, some will be all bright red. I've been seeing these everywhere so I thought we should get in on the fun. For 10 years I've been making my banners from crepe and various papers. It will be nice to have a more permanent alternative, and I cannot wait to see what the girls come up with when making theirs.

1/12/10 Here is mine this morning after baking: wrinkled, darker and grungy. Love it!

Tomorrow another sneak peek at one of the projects. Just a few spots left, so let me know soon if you are planning to attend.

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