Tuesday, December 3, 2019


This ball of energy came very close to being renamed
Mamie Eisenhower, an homage to Howie,
 whose real name was Eisenhower,
and coming to live with me.

 I spent last week in LA with the kids
and my DD#2 had scheduled an appointment
at the dog cafe for Saturday.

There you get to spend one hour in a large room
 playing with available dogs and then you fill out an
extensive application, home visit etc.
I went with an attitude that this is all too soon,
and I had a certain type in mind...

Priscilla hopped onto my lap within minutes 
and promptly fell asleep in my arms.
I was in love.
 She stayed there about 40 minutes
until suddenly her best friend 
Randy was adopted and left.
She was frantic.

If you go to the link and are in LA 
Vivien was also a love, but too large for me
while carrying 0/2.

We left, and Ben and Hannah
filled out the application ( right outside the door)
as time was of the essence.
It took 45 minutes doing that, and that night we answered
 a zillion questions on line and sent pics of entire home.

Fast forward we discovered she had been returned
 once already due to her super high energy 
( they referred to her as tazmanian devil) 
which did not scare me too much 
as she was only 8 months old.
But the first three weeks after adoption, 
she would have to live in 
LA with Tom and Hannah who work A LOT
and she would add stress to their schedules.
Then we planned they would drive
 her to me at Christmas.
When we discovered the hyperactivity
 I decided the timing wasn't right 
and so I removed my application.
This is not a "first serve" 
they "SELECT" the best fit for the dog. 

Ben and Helene took me to two more shelters on Sunday
but I didn't connect with any other pooches.
At first it felt like serendipity with Priscilla even though
I am still grieving, but then my practical self
said don't rush, it'll happen.

A week with the kids was amazing. 
David my grand-dog slept with me every night.
I can now tell you that Ben and Helene
bought a house. They close very soon.
They are beyond excited 
and then 5 months later the wedding!!!
Excited and uber stressed
I missed being able to see inside or help the move
by one week. Things were delayed.

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious.
I made a five cheese mac and cheese
( first time we had for turkey day) that I 
will make again, and Ben made
 his famous sausage stuffing 
and Hannah cooked a perfect bird. 

Of course I came home with a horrific cold/cough
Luckily driving like a bat out of hell
 got me home in 4 hours.

I got my 0/2 and perishables out of the car
and left everything else in it.
It may stay there till the weekend.

Gonna catch up with Y'all soon.

Is it really December 3rd already!!
Damn I only have the porch decorated so far.
Maybe we'll just hang there the whole time. 



Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

What a cute little pup! I am sure when the time is right you will find a new pup to love.

Terra said...

Oh what a darling dog.

Karen thisoldhouse2.com said...

I am so happy you're "thinking" about adopting another dog, I honestly think they are the best ever roommate and best friend. You'll know when the fit is absolutely right.

Kit said...

I am so happy you got to go see your kids. What a cute face on that pup! I hope you find another friend soon. Bessie has helped me immensely with missing Sam. Love ya, Kit

Jill said...

The thought of a hyperactive puppy in my home is frightening!! I hope one that fits you and your life comes along sooner than later. Yay for your son and fiance with the house. That's a big change and so exciting.

Blondie's Journal said...

Priscilla is a cutie and perhaps it's eye opening that you do have room in your heart to give another pup a home. In good time, I'm sure. My challenge with Poppy is managing an active, crazy, needy, mischievous, dog after the care and challenges of having an older and sick dog. Quite a contrast. I do remind myself that when Milo was old, I had a hard time remembering his puppy days and hoped I had appreciated them in that moment.

I'm happy to hear you had a lovely time with the kids. The Mac and Cheese sounds insane! A four hour drive?! I go crazy with the two hour drive to and from the lake! Just boredom, I guess, doing it alone.

Have fun decorating...I'm doing it in chunks of time, I have the enthusiasm, just not the energy. I'm chilling for sure!!