Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Memory Tree

For many years I had two 
large gates in my hallway
covered with memorabilia,
 many of the pieces are gifts
 from blog friends. 
The majority from my very 
special friend Carole.
I sold the gates at my last sale 
and the pieces that hung on them
 sat in a box on my bedroom 
floor for over two months.

Today I remembered this skinny tree
 tucked away in a closet
and trimmed it out with anything 
from the box that would fit.

One small star light strand up the middle. 

There are keys from my dad, 
the first wishbone from my
first turkey with my husband, 
trinkets I made long ago, milagros, 
even a pocket watch.

The memories make me happy.
Good thoughts to help me sleep.

Counting the days till kids and grand-dogs arrive.
I'm grand-dog sitting David the talking husky.
 Good thing we spent the week
sleeping together at Thanksgiving so he 
won't be worried about his folks. I hope...
Not everyone can be here at the same time,
so a very patchwork holiday.

January may bring a very special gift for me.
It is not for sure just yet, but soon I may have
another best friend to share my life.

It arrives not in the manner I had planned,
but it is a gift out of love and friendship to me.
I am cautiously excited.

How is everything going for you?



Blondie's Journal said...

That memory's so sweet, sentimental, and wonderful inspiration. I have a lot vintage ornaments, many from my parents. I didn't put them on my tree this year. #1. People spend so very little time really looking at your tree(I have found this true for me). #2, as much as we want to enjoy our treasured ornaments,, I can't trust the grands or puppy to leave them alone. Maybe a tabletop tree in my bedroom. Hmmmmm..

I'm excited to hear what you have going on in January.

Nothing much new here. I'm sporting one of the blackest eyes you've ever seen from running off the back porch to keep Poppy away from the shed which has a mama raccoon and babes. Smash into the railing, saw stars, saw blood and felt like got run over by a truck the next day. Would it be tacky to post a pic of this shiner? I'm rather proud.

Merry Christmas to you, my friend!😘


lala said...

This is such a wonderful idea. Yesterday I picked up a vintage feather tree from the thrift store but was not sure how I wanted to decorate it. I have so many small trinkets from family & friends that would look lovely on the tree. Thank you for sharing, I'm sure my family will enjoy seeing mementos from my parents & friends displayed so charmingly for Christmas.

Colleen MacKinnon; Penny Rugs and More said...

The tree is wonderful! You've got me thinking of more ideas now :-) I have keys of my dad's too...and dice, he collected oversized dice.

Can't wait to hear the news in January! Enjoy your Christmas, I bet your place looks wonderful! xo

Kit said...

Oh that is so lovely!! Your first wishbone? That is amazing. I love memory trees. I am so excited for you. So glad your kids can come for the holidays and a surprise? I can't wait to hear. Love you my friend! 💕 Kit