Tuesday, September 18, 2018



It turns out that I indeed do have sleep apnea,
and a c-pap machine is needed.
I will be going back for another night
at the same center and that worry has caused 
 even more sleep issues.

I spoke to the Supervisor, told her my story
and she scheduled me on a day 
when my former tech
is not on duty. That was very kind.

Still the experience itself was unpleasant 
not just the tech, so trepidation is
the current condition.

Seeing as how I stop breathing 78 times an hour,
which is "not the worst she's seen, but up there",
I have no choice but to go.

It's now been a year since I hobbled
onto this merry go round.
The thrill is gone, looooong gone.

The only comfort I find is that fall
is coming and this confining heat is 
nearly over. Still I live where
natural disasters are infrequent so I 
count my blessings there.

All the more reason to vote in folks
 who actually understand the urgency for 
change worldwide to protect the planet and reduce,
if we still can, effects causing such climate calamities.

Being able to breathe and exist on the planet
trumps all other issues combined.
pun intended
though I hate using anything other than #45

Making a conscious effort to create often
like I used to, a friend and I are going
to be stuffing pumpkins at the end of the week.
Fall will heal me once more,
I'm counting on it.


btw- my new room design is 
working perfectly. It almost feels 
like all the extra room is helping my breathing.
Clear away the clutter gals
where ever it may be.


donna baker said...

I've heard it makes you feel much better if that helps. I'm so happy you will be making your pumpkins. Doing something like that helps too and the extra change is a nice benefit. I'm always trying to make extra income by making things and selling crystals etc. It adds up. Fall will be a good change to the mindset. You seem to have more energy than I. It took me two days to vacuum the entire house. I set small goals each day to get done. Today, I am taking down my bunting from the porch. I loved it this summer. Then I am going outside to clean the bug splats on my truck. Small things like that before it gets too hot. Have a good one Suzan.

Terra said...

I hope your CPAP machine will treat your sleep apnea successfully; I have family members who have used the machines.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

If you can sleep better you will feel so much better. They put my Mom on night oxygen after her sleep study. I'm hoping Fall will make me feel better also. Cooler so I can get out and maybe walk a bit more. My poor body keeps breaking out in rashes, I know it's stress. Enjoying my visit with my daughter in Cali but I'll be heading back home soon. Take care Z!!

Colleen MacKinnon; Penny Rugs and More said...

You will feel so much better when you get some sleep. This will be so good for you. My husband announced, the first morning after he had his CPAP, he dreamed in Technicolor that night!

Blondie's Journal said...

I think you are not even barely alone in having Sleep Apnea, and I've heard really good things about the machine. I truly hope it works. I was pressured very much in the hospital back in April when I had the back surgery. The floor doctor asked if I snore when I sleep. Oh yeah. I always thought it was from allergies. But she kept pressing for me to be tested for SA and it got weird after awhile. She even said she was going to send a letter to my primary doctor. Doesn't that seem strange?

Anyway...I'm glad you guys are cooling off over there! :)

Jane x