Sunday, September 2, 2018

So This Became That and This Moved There, Or The Dominoes Have Fallen

I was just going to "try something."

There used to be a two piece very large cabinet 
right there on that wall. 

The top part of the cabinet
is on the floor far right.
Chairs moved out of the way.

The bottom I was going to use for tv in FR
as I'm selling large cabinet behind it.

Could this top go there?

Maybe so, and what if I did hang artwork there?

Loaded the shelves

After sending progress shots to my girl,
we agreed on this.

The room looks wider, fresher
and I am one less piece of furniture
and I now have fewer collectibles.

Then I began moving some things off of the porch

Ended up swapping out items from cabinet in LR.
Keeping favorites only,
always with the mindset to downsize.

That affected this display

Morphed into this

Which resulted in piles more purged items.
This is one of two tables waiting for pricing.

Oh, and I made cards with friend Sue
last weekend.

Fun day!


donna baker said...

I need some of what you have. Love the looks. I have cream colors too. Just love it. And, a collection of matte white McCoy pottery. You did good. I haven't even dusted for a long time.

Kit said...

I love the new look! Fun to change things up a bit. I need to do that myself. I acquired a new clock and curio cabinet and need to put them up. Problem is, where?...LOL Love the cards! :) Kit

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You are at it again Z! I love the changes. I've sold several pieces of furniture and donated a few others. Trying to lighten the load and make my home simpler will be a life long journey I think! Hope you are feeling better!!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love that you are using things straight from your home. I do like the wall arrangement.