Sunday, September 30, 2018

Just Made Me Happy

 “I want to skip to the end of the Trump movie where it fades out and captions tell us how long they each got in prison,” by @OwensDamien.
just made me happy to think...

I've now sold off over half of 
what I acquired
over the past 40 some years.
 Yet no one would say my
home is spare. Not by 
a long shot.

Still work to be done.
I have some "craft" items I'll 
be showing you soon.
I'm looking for good homes for them,
as I've loved them well
Vintage flashcards (lots)
Stones for jewelry making - jar after jar
Piles of chain for jewelry
Netty Le Croix pattern packs (wonderful primitives)

Email me if anything interests you
and I'll try to get photos out to you quickly.

That's all for this morning.
I'm just treading water with a 
lap around the life pool now and then.
Trying to be calm and serene.



Karen Ann said...

I am sure hoping you're feeling a little better? ....

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I can't wait for that movie myself! Rough week. I'm on the downsizing side of things again. Some to donate and others to try to sell as they are worth too much to just give away. I will one day reach my craft room but right now I'm making decisions about some of my pottery collections. I'm treading water in that pool of life right now! Hugs!

donna baker said...

Suzan, I can't comment on others' blogs.

Terra said...

I would change that quote to Hilary and Bill, ha ha. You are doing well in de-cluttering.

Kit said...

That is my dream to wake up and see all over the TV, Special Report! And the Trumps gone! I am going to start purging in the attic next week. I hauled 2 box of dishes down to Good will this week. Felt good. You take care and don't do too much! :) Kit