Sunday, June 3, 2018

Pillow Passion

Sometimes you turn a corner and in a glance
your heart does a flutter and you just know
there is something you adore and must have.

The Opal brand at Target is darling daughter's favorite, 
and I thought I would peruse for possible gifts for her.

Instead, for the first time since Christmas, 
I bought something for me.
I am still on my downsize passion,
and I donated five things last week, so I'm still on 
the right side of the scale.

Isn't she pretty?
I usually make all my pillows,
and I always buy when something is on sale,
but oh, I just loved this pillow at full retail!

I have this GORGEOUS black/tan fabric
that I have hoarded for years
and plan to make additional pillows to 
be pillow gal's friend.

I know I'm anthropomorphizing a
silly pillow but I don't care.
It's been 10 months since first Dr's appt 
and I'm soooo over it.
Yesterday I broke one of my toes.
Yeah yeah I know....


#45 is a fascist
His wife has disappeared, why is that
not #1 on every report?
(Please let her have come to her senses,
and please let her spill. Please let her true friends
help her and save her.)
Climate change is wreaking havoc daily,
but let's not believe in science.

We're playing games with a nuclear armed 
country with a psychopath in charge,
AND we've begun a trade war with many
 of our closest allies.

and VOTE!!!


donna baker said...

Very nice pillow. I love Target. They are so up on the latest things. I regularly catch my little toes on the corners of things and it hurts so bad. I am going to have to quit listening to what's going on. It makes me sick. I can't believe that so many Americans have become like Trump. It is going to take longer than I have to clean up after that pathological lying scum and his ilk. I just hope the younger generation will step up to the plate and do the right thing.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I must say it's fun to see you buy yourself something you love. Pretty fabric. Enjoy it. Broke your toe?!?!?! Girl, I just have nothing to say. You have been through it for way too long. I'm listing some more things for sale and sold my large Secretary Desk last week. I loved it but it just didn't go in my home well and since it was worth money that some of my other junk isn't I sold it. No regrets. Starting another round of getting rid of things. So take care of yourself. Hugs!

Jill said...

I HAVE THAT SAME PILLOW!! I went to Target with my daughter before our graduation party and came home with pillows that I didn't plan to buy. I just love this one! Hope that toe heals--goodness, one thing after another!

Karen Ann said...

Love your new pillow! and Hope you're feeling better!!... stronger each day!

And.. I just said that very thing to my mother this morning on the phone - Lord, let her have come to her senses and let her have the support she needs to get away from that idiot. Let us all have the support we need to get away from that idiot.

Blondie's Journal said...

I've been blogging sporadically so I wasn't surprised to pop in and see I missed a few posts. I signed up under email, I rarely miss blog posts that way.

I do like the Opal line at Target. It's hip and fun. I think a lot of young people and couples will enjoy the pieces. This pillow however, has a lot of class, I really like the deep shade of burnt brown. Additional pillows will be great with it.

I know how you feel about holding back on buying because we're purging. I'm doing the same. My problem is that I'll see something I love in a magazine or on a blog and I want it, know exactly where I'll use it, and feel like my creativity is being stifled if I can't change things out when I want to. I know, its silly. I hope to really make a dent in my mess over the summer. Bit by bit.

Take care, my friend.