Friday, June 22, 2018

A Wife's Message?

I really don't care do U?

After my first shock of disgust 
something occurred to me. 

Is it at all possible,
maybe, just maybe 
this is a message from a wife
to a sick bastard of a husband?

A trapped animal will chew off 
it's own leg
to escape.

update: Just read an article posted minutes
ago on the Guardian
that others are thinking what I thought.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

It crossed my mind it might be for him, but wasn't sure. It was a loud message, just maybe not clear who it was for!!

mary scott said...

Whatever it means -- it does NOT mean what her husband tweeted that it means! If you want to read the delusions of a demented narcissist despot, read that moron's tweets. You can't make any of this stuff up.....

donna baker said...

Well I wondered what the hell she could be thinking. I can't find any sympathy for her as she knew what she was getting into. Shame on her.

Karen Ann said...

LOL... we can always hope. Very perplexing, how she could have possibly thought it would be taken well by anyone other than the ignorant portion of his base that finds this kind of stunt funny.

Jd said...

After that coat I don't care about her at all. I don't care what message she might try to send. She had a child with that creature and stays. She is establishing a legacy of intolerance past Don, Eric and Ivana. She's an adult and all of her choices have an impact in her role as First Lady. She's as bad a human as he. He called immigrants vermin. So she doesn't care about that? Then by extension am I vermin? My mother came from Europe. How many in the crowd are "pure" Americans? Then are we all vermin? Denise

Blondie's Journal said...

it was a powerful message no doubt. She didn't just grab any little 'ol thing to wear. Do you have a link to The Guardian article?


oldgreymareprimitives said...

Hey guys, still having trouble with comment section - unable to do quick email back. Don't know if any of you check follow up..

This entire episode (they come fast and furious) is a puzzler. If someone made her wear it? Is she really as awful as he is? Is her prenup so tight she cannot afford to leave and still protect her son? He is now a very public target. WTF?
Battered and abused women of all financial status often stay- so saying she can afford to leave is conjecture. Her mannerisms and public outings appear to be difficult for her, so who knows?

I am directing all my anger at those in House and Senate who do not have the balls to stand up and fight back, esp those leaving office soon. Tell the frickin' truth- don't wait for your book deals.

So upsetting, heart wrenching, and infuriating .

I no longer recognize my country.

Kit said...

I have to admit my first thought when I saw the coat was to exclaim what I yell about him - "what a moron". Even if it is about him, she should have had better sense than to wear it then. Kit