Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Every Damn Day

I am fascinated by weird things I suppose.
I ponder things often and intensely.
Wonder where that came from?

I last bought gas on March 9.
I filled the tank today and I noticed.
I have 2 miles to go until my car reaches 2,000 miles.
Not a typo, not 200,000 but 2,000
and I bought my car Memorial Day 2017.
So 1 year and 2 days ago.
Round trip to CA included in that number (560miles)

My last car that I traded in had 
just turned over 80,000 miles
and it was 15 years old.

So is that weird because I drive so little?
Or weird/unusual because I don't need to,
 because of careful planning.

I consciously select to run all my errands 
on one day and I plan the route 
circling around until I am back home.

I've told everyone including the salesman, 
barring a recall or accident
this is my last car.

He called last week to ask why I hadn't been coming in for service.
TOLD you so lol
I can easily get 20 years out of this one which takes me to age 85

I very carefully selected my home 
based on price, number of bedrooms and location,
which as far as I'm concerned is the primo location.

If someday I am confined to motorized 
wheels in my older age, and I still live here,
and I've thought about this a lot;
I can reach every single thing 
I need in less than 1 block.

6 restaurants, hair salon, grocery store, Starbucks,
pet groomer, four banks, UPS, and an urgent care.

2 blocks gets me to library and an upscale outdoor 
mall with over a dozen restaurants, PB, Anthro etc.
Only think missing is a Target and I have 4 within 4 miles.

Most of my friends don't think  ponder these things.
They also don't have emergency kits
 and food and water stored.

My organizing, neatness, preparedness is all due
to DJR my Dad.
He pondered a lot and often. 
Always finding a possible/newer/better 
way to handle 
or build or arrange things.

You guys know all those boxes I have 
so perfectly arranged in my garage?
Well way back when, Dad brought home lidded boxes
that bulk typing paper came in.

He painted them all white with two coats of paint
to make them sturdier and to be able 
to be wiped clean, and nearly moisture proof.
He then measured and drew two pencil lines
 spaced apart, where he then stenciled 
the name of the contents!
You call me AR?

He was meticulous, principled, loving, kind, 
intelligent, funny, patient, faithful, and a great man
who was loved by so many.
I was the last person to talk to him.
I was alone with him,
 and lying by his side holding his hand when he died.

I miss him every damn day.

Look carefully at the tips of his fingers.



Linda @ A La Carte said...

I think I'm so busy taking care of my Mom that I don't give much thought to my age and making sure I'm ready. Well I am 'working' at the downsizing and that's something! I love how prepared you are. Your Dad sounds like mine in many ways. I miss my Dad somuch! Hugs!

donna baker said...

Oh how I love that.

Karen Ann said...

I had no idea you lived in such close proximity to everything - right outside your door! Wow, that's convenient! I was just talking to my mom about my Jeep, which I'm trading in today for another with better suspension. I put on average about 10,000 miles a year - used to be more when my kids were younger and into sports, etc.

Love the photo of your dad with Chickadee in hand - he sounds like a very lovely man.

Arlene said...

What a beautiful early Father's Day tribute to an exceptional man. Organizational skills are a wonderful trait to inherit. I inherited a large nose. You win!

Blondie's Journal said...

I say very sincerely, you are blessed to have this picture of your father. And the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Sometimes other situations involve running from what we grew up with

I'm very much like you I like organization, but I'm not really savvy on how to pack and store things. And I, too, do not want to have my kids tossing my treasures later on in my life.


Jill said...

What a gift that photo is of a man so dear to you!

Salty Pumpkin Art said...

A beautiful photo of a beautiful man

Your organizational skills are good.
I laugh thinking about the first car I traded in. I was worried it didn't have enough miles on it to get a good trade $n offer. The salesman, big smile, told me it's just the opposite.