Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Clean and Simple Pinkcredible

My windows desperately needed to be cleaned.
I removed all the screens, scrubbed them off
 and started on the glass.

I did one at a time, sat and rested, did another - repeat.

This is shot through the super clean glass!

Seriously clean

Friends will tell you I find good terrific products.
I like this one a lot. Not cheap, but you use very little
 and whoosh - clean.
Bonus- It smells like almonds

I decided to store the screens until fall
as I will not open these windows
 all summer during 100 plus heat!
Now that I have all the empty space
in the garage, I can easily do that.
The view is nicer and greener,
clean and simple.


Karen Ann said...

Well I'm gonna see if I can find that stuff on Amazon!

donna baker said...

Well, Suzan, great minds think alike. I just got out my window cleaning stuff and like you, will work and sit and same over again. I've seen people use newspaper to clean them, but when my hands get black from ink I simply cannot do that.

Kit said...

It looks great! And thanks for the tip. :) What do you use on hard water spots on shower doors? :) Kit

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Very clean windows! My Mom was saying the other day she wants her windows cleaned. I'll have to look for that pink stuff!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

You are such a hard worker Z ... you put me to shame { although, I have been cleaning the dining room today !! } When we have nice weather, we do the garden but we are in for a few days rain so I shall follow your example and clean the windows !!!! XXXX