Thursday, May 10, 2018

Let there Be Light

A few days before the kids arrived for the sale 
I finally got the outdoor lights strung onto the pergola.
I connected them to the lights on the vintage fencing 
that runs the length of the back yard.
It made for lovely outdoor dining
that night as we were all exhausted.
China a Go Go delivery and we were set. 
Can you believe that night sky?

Although I am still paying for the new backyard,
it was worth every penny as I am not 
constantly scrambling
to blow out leaves and clear debris.
It's so easy with a quick water twice a day of the 
pots that are not on drips.

Obviously I am still alive and kicking, though
the last week kicked my butt again something fierce.
I actually slept 8 hours last night,
which feels like a miracle as I've been getting 
barely 3 hours a day.

I watch out for a neighbors house in the summer
and yesterday they had flyers stuck in their door.
Rather than drag the tank down the street,
I hopped in the car in pj's and drove to their driveway, ran 
and retrieved the flyers and drove back home.
I get the mail late at night, and do drive thru's in pj's.
I now understand those old ladies in their housecoats 
in their yards back in Latrobe when I was growing up.
You no longer care, and it's so much easier.

Of course I am properly attired otherwise.
Not fancy, mind you, but at least wearing a bra.

I VERY hesitantly hope I have turned 
the corner for good. 
I remind myself to take it slow and easy,
(not easy for me) 
and have set a trip to PA and CA as my goals for fall.

Meanwhile, my much lighter home
is a joy to take care of,
and I have only a few remaining pieces of
furniture to unload.

If the universe allows - once I am able to 
downsize here or in CA I will be ready to go 
quickly and efficiently without being a burden
to anyone.

I cannot stress to you enough
how important these steps are as we age.
Important not just to our well being,
but as a loving gesture for those we leave behind.

Life can come and slam you upside the head,
look around, what changes do you need to make?

Thank you for all the kind emails of concern.
I'm a tough old bird and will push through,
though hopefully out of pj's eventually.
Months and months of nothing but pj's.


Studio Maywyn said...

Prayers continue for your good health healing
Bathrobe pjs phase of life I call Going Raw, no fluff, no makeup, no big deal clothes, throw on a coat and out the door. Never did I think I could go that route. I barely noticed how brave going raw can be, freeing even. I do it less now that I'm experienced.

donna baker said...

Glad you're feeling better. Lights look great. At least you wore your bra. Ha. You know you can just cross your arms in front of them. Me, I am in the dress season and always bend over outside. You're right. I just don't care.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

That is such good news. I'm with you about dressing in pj's or in my case loose house dress during the day. I'm really inspired by your downsizing. Now take care and get all the way well. Hugs!

Sherri said...

Love this post, very positive!!

Sandra said...

I feel so encouraged reading your post. I can tell that you have suffered and I pray for your strong health to return, It is sometimes hard to part with things that we have loved and cherished, but it does feel good to let go, too.

Kit said...

You are sounding good! Glad the sale went well and you are motoring about a little bit better. Don't push it too fast. Would hate to see you backslide. :) Love, Kit

Karen Ann said...

I am so happy to hear you have turned the corner in the right direction! Onward! Your outdoor sitting area is absolutely beautiful - magazine worthy.

And I know you're not thrilled with the city you live in - and hope you make that move to CA, closer to family and a climate you will enjoy more.