Sunday, December 31, 2017

So this Happened

They received the same sweater in different colors
from DD & DS father 

(Missing is Helene who went home to her family in NY)

Howie inspected a fake Husky

Hannah and Tom attended a 20's Holiday Party

David the real Husky made himself at home.

The Friday before Christmas found Ben
 and I racing back to the ER
and we spent hours there with gurneys lining the hallways.
I got the very last bed and we went through it all again.
A blood clot and obstruction in my throat 
were being considered with CT scans with dye contrast, 
but thank heaven after 
more antibiotics, blood tests etc I stabilized
once more and went home.
Hannah and Tom arrived early the next
morning and those three stayed by my side
every minute and took excellent care of me 
day after day. I'm pretty tired but 
hopeful I can turn this around and be done with it.

Ben made fresh mozzarella, beef stew, and standing rib roast,
along with breakfast and lunches for a week for all of us.
Before he left for CA he pressure cooked pulled pork for me 
in my new Instant Pot also gifted from Ben.

Hannah monitored fluids, meds and my rest,
scolding when necessary.

Hannah and Tom installed a new 
video doorbell for me,
gifted from them. Now I can check the door
from my couch perch.

With me permanently parked on the couch,
we played board games for hours, 
and viewed a lot of bad tv.
I learned that I am lousy at Boggle.

They were so gracious as it was
 indeed an odd holiday for them. 
I have great kids, wonderful kids.
I miss them something stupid.
I'll be heading over their way as soon as I'm able.

I'm still on oxygen but trying to wean off.
My voice was completely gone for 5 days
and now is just a scratchy croak.
Maybe I'll sound like Garbo when all is said and done?

So good bye 2017. It is officially 
my least favorite year hands down.
I pray the sun will set on 2018 
with a return to truth, decency, science and
good riddance to the vipers and the rodent in the WH.
I pray and pray some more and I resist.

A special thank you to all who called and emailed
to check on me and lift my spirits.
I appreciate it so very much.



Kit said...

There you are my friend! So glad to see you back and with your lovely family around you. Hang in there. 2018 has better things to come. Love, Kit

donna baker said...

I knew nothing about this and am shocked to read about it now. What in the world? Glad it seems to have improved and yes, your kids are wonderful to care for you like that. Do take it easy. Us girls need to patch patch patch as we age and I for one have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the doctor so I am sure it was all trials and tribulations. Yes, 2017 be gone. I blame it all on the Year Of The Rooster.

Mugwump Woolies said...

From your mouth, to God's ear...get better, 2018 awaits your creative genius!
Take good care,

June said...

Aw crap!!! I had no idea you were sick! I've been kind of tied up with our own little emergency here with Landon for that last few weeks. (later about that)

I hope you are a very, very good girl and do everything to make sure you are completely over this before you start doing ANYTHING!!!
I'm so glad that your kids were there for awhile to baby their mama :))))

Aren't kids the best??? I loved these pics!!!

sending much, much love and one HUGE hug...

Karen Ann said...

Oh, that sucks! Here's to those wonderful kids, and to a return to better heatlh in 2018. Happy, Healthy, Return to Sanity Year for all of us -

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I'm happy you are home and on the mend. Thank goodness for our children to help us out! Yours are doing a great job. I'm ready to say hello to 2018 and lets get on with some good changes to our world! Hugs!

Jillayne said...

Well, geez... you have had a time of it. I really hope it's true and that the worst of this is behind you and that you're feeling a little better now? And thank goodness you had that appointment!!!