Saturday, December 16, 2017

New Normal For Awhile


It took me 2 months to get an appt 
with new primary care provider.
My appt was at 8:00 Friday morning.

I had been quite sick, OK very very very sick all week,
so it was fortuitous that I already had appt. 

The Dr and her nurse walked in and both said,
"You don't look good"
I replied "I feel bad, coughing for 6 days non stop, 
fever, short of breath..."

10 minutes later as they're taking multiple
 blood pressures as my oxygen levels were low...
I had an "Incident" and 15 minutes later
 I was on a gurney being loaded into an ambulance.

Where I spent the day in emergency being treated so
well by the staff at St Rose as they tried to figure out
heart, lung, infection what????

They could not get oxygen stabilized 
with treatments, oxygen, x-rays, blood work etc 
so back and forth back and forth. They decided to admit me
which I resisted. Years of childhood trauma
 with parental illness and hospitals I suppose.
 After a lot of hours and a wonderful ER Dr,
he agreed to let me go home with oxygen.
Since I no longer required Iv's I said it is cost effective,
and since your waiting room is crammed full, 
I'll give em my room.

Diagnosis and I quote "extreme bronchial infection"
An hour later my wonderful nurse walked up to my glass
door, put on a mask and closed the door completely and 
said you are highly contagious- you also have a strain of flu.
Then she put a large contagion sign on the door. 
No wonder I felt like crap.
AND if I had not had that appt, the Dr said...
"ya know you would have been in real trouble within hours."
scary-would I have known in time I was in trouble?
I never go to the Dr except when things are broken,
so the two month wait was worth it after all. 
Thank you guardian angels.

At shift change, all the folks I had encountered, 
stopped by my room or waved goodbye
 as they left, course now they had masks, 
after me hacking near them all day. 
Felt so bad about that.
The paramedics were in several times that day
 and even they stopped in.
Of course I'm an entertaining kind of gal
 and had them all laughing.

My Dr's office was across the street from the hospital,
so to avoid me from having my bestie Annie
drive clear across town to get me a block to my car,
after I was discharged
security drove me there in a golf cart!

St Rose rah rah rah

I'm still not A-OK but I'm home with Howie.
Seems I'm gonna be dragging a tank around for a while.
My kids both almost flew home,
they love me...
and I have the dearest pal in Annie. I alerted her around noon
 I might need her so she came over to my side of town
 and hung around until 6:30 and then drove
 her mom all the way back home and was going to drive back.
My phone had died in hospital. I called her back
 from home, just in time.
Other pal Sue is already offering whatever I need.
Makes me all weepy.

 Maybe later I'll tell you all about full, droopy, boobish, exposure
 to 5 hunky paramedics, 1 xray tech and three passers by in hallway.

I'm going to take a break for a bit and catch my breath


and rest up.
If I'm not back in time to wish you a merry merry,
please know I love all you little buggers,
and I say that with pure, unadulterated affection.



Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh my goodness Z .... you poor thing. I hope that you are feeling so much better now.
Make sure that you rest and take care. Will be thinking of you. Try and have a lovely Christmas and here's to a healthier 2018 !!! Lots of love. XXXX

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Z that is so scary but I am so so glad you are home and resting. My Mom got sent to the ER from her Dr's office once (unfortunately not across the street)but it saved her life also. After all the tests I've been going through with mostly good results I'm ready to end this medical drama I've been in also. An appointment with a surgeon to evaluate my Hiatal Hernia and that's it I hope. The meds to stop the stomach spasms works great so it's been worth the testing I guess. I must hear about the boobish exposure! I'm just so thankful you are going to be OK. Merry Christmas my friend!!

Kit said...

Oh my dear friend! I am so sorry you are so sick. I wish I could run over to your house with whatever you need to make you better. Lay low, get well and your kids will be there soon. I am so glad they treated you so well there. You deserve it. Sending hugs and good vibes but I am wearing a mask! :) Kit

Karen Ann said...

Oh for cripes sake - let me be what I'm guessing is about the 100th person to say this to you - DON'T WAIT THAT LONG WHEN YOU FEEL SO BAD!!!!.......

Jeez, woman! Glad you got help, and are taking the precautions you need to get well again.

May you really and truly have a Merry Christmas and a Happy, HEALTHY 2018!!!

Claudia said...

I'm so sorry to hear this! Thank goodness there are good friends who will help you out. Feel better soon!

Terra said...

That 2 month appt. you had set up turned out to be a real God send; you caught your problems at the last second while they were treatable, thank goodness. It is a delight to be at home I am sure, much nicer than in hospital. Get lots of rest.

Blondie's Journal said...

I think you would give a terrible thrashing to anyone who waited as long as you to get some medical help!

Dr. Blondie's orders: lie down, let someone else hover and bring you tea and soup, take your meds, sleep, and stop worrying about everything. You are in a gaZillion good hands.

Love you, my friend,

Jane x

susan hemann said...

I will keep you in my prayers! A few years ago I was admitted for bilateral pneumonia, my oxygen level kept going up and down also. I now have oxygen at home too. They never did decide what the problem with the oxygen level is or was. Hopefully, they will give you a concentrator so you do not have to drag a tank around.

Colleen MacKinnon; Penny Rugs and More said...

Oh my goodness Z, that was very scary! Get better. Rest,rest,rest! Let the family take care of you, glad they will be home soon. (The part I can't figure out is why it took 2 months to get a doctor's appointment, gosh, my doctor is busy but not that busy.)

Jill said...

Oh dear. I'm so sorry you're down, but hopefully, by this time the antibiotics have kicked in, sadly they don't do anything for the flu. I'm sending virtual chicken soup your way sealed up in a prayer for healing and good health for when your kids are home!!

SAS said...

Heavens, what a fright. Hope you are feeling much better and will enjoy your Christmas with your kids.

Your home looks cozy and a wonderful place to just curl up and get some rest.

Amy B said...

Thank God you went in when you did. Sure hope you stop feeling sick QUICK. You're already blessed this Christmas by making it through, but I hope you have heaps more blessings come your way!

Debbie said...

Oh my!! I am glad to hear you went to the Dr. and got fixed up just in time!!! You poor dear. Have a restful, enjoyable Christmas with your kids, and other loved ones. Smooches. Debbie xo

MEM said...

BUMMER! Nothing worse than nasty bronchial crap, flue junk and everything that falls in that category. Haven’t been able to do any blog writing for over a year. Personal loss and forgotten password but things r looking up. Follow u on Instagram and still love your wry or is it rye �� sense of humor. Stay quiet for a while and listen to doctors!