Sunday, December 3, 2017

Favorites #5

Little Bits Here and There

Tidbits- that floral booklet tucked in there my daughter made for me 
of my yard photographs.
The letter you see tacked to wall? My grandma and young father
 sent sweaters to Europe during the war.
This a letter thanking them and the Mom mentions
 hoping her children can return from the countryside soon -
 families terrified of the bombings, sent their kids to safety .
Notice the address?
Venetia, PA USA America.
That's all it took back then.

Tree in first guest room

Guest Room


Top of Stairs

Fences decked out for Christmas


Tree in second guest room

I think the elephant is my favorite

but oh this tail!

On Studio wall

Love these elves and deer

If there is a knob...

One of my prized possessions. 
My dad gave me my grandfathers red plaid flannel robe,
and I wore it through college and well into marriage. 
When it was so threadbare parts were really just threads, 
I cut up what remained and made two bears. One for my dad and one for me. 
Counting the days till kiddos.
Packages for cheese making keep arriving on my porch
 via Amazon.
Ben is making cheese I gather. Woot! 



Kit said...

Stupendous! I think I love the little drawers with the Santa's peeking out the best. But really all of it is wonderful. I love the spirit with which you decorate. :) Yay, for cheese making! Kit

Linda @ A La Carte said...

So many cute things. I love the little animals!

Jill said...

Bears from a loved robe, old letters tacked in a cupboard, and cheese supplies arriving without warning....♥♥♥