Thursday, September 7, 2017

Available Bags

link HERE to available bags
only 6 sets left for now

Well, the bag making has to come to a halt 
for a bit as the Drs I saw today think I've blown 
out my right knee again. I had surgery 10 years ago.
I always overdue everything ( my kids will verify)
and sewing 8-10 hours, day after day and tilting 
that knee up and down, up and down with the pedal..
Of course, I already had issues I chose to ignore,
so I just tilted over the edge so to speak.
Or I hollered at the mountain peak
and caused an avalanche.

gonna need some of this

Not sure quite yet but for now I'm not even
to walk on it unless I have to.
Will know more next week.
So I do have a few sets left,
and if I'm lucky and I do not have surgery,
 I can get back to sewing next month.

So you gals who requested some 
other fabric designs, please be patient with me.
I can't get out to look for fabrics just now.
I can still ship out orders of standing stock,
 no problem. USPS picks up.

Right after my x rays, I hobbled next door to Traders
for some pre-made food to make 
it easy for me these next few days.
A couple of the gals said 
"here she comes, that great bag lady"
I'm telling you, they get noticed.
Talked to a teacher friend tonight and she took
two new ones to school this year and she was asked 
"where did you get those?

I'm mad at myself for overdoing,
mad at my knee for failing me,
mad at the timing,
mad at my aging body.
My only salvation has been that same,
 teacher friend has offered
to pick up my library books
 for me as this saga continues.
Without reading material
I would go mad...


need a laugh?
me butt bumping backwards up the stairs
oy vey


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh no to the knee! I think it's easy to overdo at our age. Young enough to think we still CAN but old enough to find out bodies CAN"T! Take care!

Kit said...

Oh my! I am so sorry to hear that. I sure hope you do not need surgery. I hope your kids can come for a visit. Take care lady, Kit

Colleen MacKinnon; Penny Rugs and More said...

Oh dear me. I sure hope you heal quickly and don't need surgery. I so enjoy your positive outlook. I have a trick knee, (touch you plop down those stairs...)I hope mine doesn't act up.


Amy B said...

Aach! So sorry to hear about your knee. Getting old stinks that way. My knees are none too nimble and intermittently give me fits. I'll pray for swift healing.... those ladies out there need more bags!