Saturday, September 23, 2017

Addicted And The Rapture

Perhaps not so much addicted,
 it's just one of the few things I can do right now.
So I continue to make trees.
I've morphed on into green ones now.

More tests and discussions today.
It is not what they thought,
or what I feared, though now I wish it was,
 as a surgery could fix and eventually less or no pain.
Seems I have a sudden onset of an autoimmune issue
which has left me well, damn uncomfortable.
Thankfully I have always had a high pain tolerance.
The biggest issue is inability to sleep,
and I've never slept well to begin with.

To top it all off I have to live in fear of 
what this means to me with my insurance, as the crap bills
they are trying to lie their way into 
will certainly have me losing coverage,
for a pre-existing chronic condition.

I make trees
and feel sick about my country, 
and heartsick for the refugees,
and for those displaced by the storms,
and for those mourning the loss of loved ones.

Today supposedly is The Rapture.

"Good morning and in case I don't see ya
Good afternoon, good evening and good night"
the truman show


donna baker said...

I'm sorry you are feeling bad. I wondered if one could get an auto-immune issue later in life as I am having one of my own issues. It is just so much to bear with all going on in the world. They've lost their minds in Washington and I think in our country and seems little we can do about it. Those trees are just exquisite.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

So sorry you aren't feeling well. Take care of yourself and I hope things improve. Love the trees!

Terra Hangen said...

The trees you are making are lovely and graceful. I hope you find successful treatment for the autoimmune disorder and that your insurance works for you.

Kit said...

Oh my Z! That is not good news. I am glad you found an outlet with your trees. I hope the Rapture doesn't happen just yet, I have a football game to go to. You take care. L, Kit

Amy B said...

So sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Autoimmune illness seem so difficult to pin down or to treat, but I'll pray you heal on your own or that they find something to help. Not sleeping is the worst... you have my empathy and sympathy. On a brighter note, your trees are most cool, and I'm glad it wasn't The Rapture on the 23rd as I am not yet ready! Not one to guess about end times either. I'll also keep praying that cool and wise heads rise up to set our country on a better path.

Karen Ann said...

So sorry to hear you're feeling crappy - I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and am currently seeing a PT, a Naturopath and rheumatologist to find relief. Bleh!

Love those trees -

Won't even bring up the Orange Scream, enough of that, eh?

Studio Maywyn said...

Prayer that your health will improve
Your spirit to keep busy is admirable.
What rapture? Did I miss it?

June said...

I hate to hear this Z! I'm so sorry:((( Both my sisters have auto-immune diseases(different but same old pain pain pain) and I wish life could be more comfortable for them. ....and for you sweetie.
It only feels like the world is ending I'm afraid! So keep on making those beautiful trees :))))
love you girl!!!!