Monday, September 18, 2017

On The Table Last Night

Many years ago I made feather trees and tinsel trees from scratch.
I modified the idea a bit and today made a couple out of wool.
Once I get the bases figured out I'll do a better shot.
I just shoved them into this bin to protect them for now.

Played around with beads and chains last month, 
thinking of a class perhaps?
Still just an idea as the execution 
providing supplies will be difficult .

Howie sits about a foot away from me. I had
to clear Best Bag fabrics from "his" chair.
That left paw? He pokes me with it to get a petting.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Annie Belle pokes me with her paw to get a petting also. She usually likes to get in my face when I read or I'm on the computer! Silly girl. Love the look of those trees! I've been sitting here looking at my shelves and I feel another purge coming on. More downsizing of my collections. I will need to sell them and not donate because well $$ but I can do it. So I'll have to give some deep thought to what I want to keep and what I want to sell. I know I can do it!

Colleen MacKinnon; Penny Rugs and More said...

Love love wool feather trees. Those are on my to do list. Love yours! Howie is adorable :-)

Blondie's Journal said...

Love the feather trees. And a class, I would be there if I could.

Jane x

Jean Bee said...

Love the trees...I'm using the pattern to make mine. However, I think I'll borrow your idea and make a few that look like yours. And wow I love how you have them displayed in that tote. I'm going to borrow that idea to display mine at my Christmas craft show. Thanks for the great ideas !

Jill said...

I love the branch with the dangles! I have a similar one "pinned" on Pinterest. I can't remember now where it came from. I think it would be great fun to make.