Tuesday, June 20, 2017



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I have always envied woman with 
small breasts. I believe that they
look better in clothes ( so does the entire
modeling empire) they can jog without harnessing,
after breast feeding, many do not then 
resemble tube socks with a tennis ball in the bottom.
They don't have an "under" ledge to them per se.

Yeah, yeah men like boobs.
So what, I say.

Right now at 113 degrees, even with my air conditioner 
in competition with every other one in the city,
and waiting for the afternoon brown out 
surely to come...

I have sweat.
BOOB sweat
 that then runs down 
where gravity takes it 

They predict 110 -116 at least,
they say at least
for the next 7 days.

I cannot afford a high summer power bill so I keep 
the thermostat set at 80, it still runs constantly,
and run fans directly in front of me,
or behind me, depending on the room,
and whether I am vertical or horizontal.
Even so my Energy snapshot shows I'm over 
$200 with 15 days yet to go.

If even one of you says 
"But it's a dry heat", 
I'll have to throw Howie in the car
and head your way to live with you for the summer.
AS long as you live somewhere cool, or at least
on the ocean.

Believe me, you did not want a 
photo on this post.
There are 599,000 google
responses to sweaty breasts. Go there.

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am laughing my ass off! Oh the boob sweat is so awful and then the chafing and discomfort. ugh! I envy small breasted women so much! 'Hang' in there!

donna baker said...

I've always said I if I ever get a boob job, they'd be size A.

Kit said...

Yuck! I sure hear ya on this one. That is awfully hot and I hate it when it gets near 80 here. I walk around with my shirt tucked up under my boobs....lol Such a lovely pic I pose. If I could, I would come and fan you, and offer cool drinks. :) Kit

Terra Hangen said...

This is the first post I have ever read on "boob sweat", you are so funny. Stay cool if you can.

susan hemann said...

lol so true! I have the same problem, I also lived in Arizona when my children were young, hot is hot, dry or not, may cool weather rain down upon you

Karen Ann said...

LOL... well now.. as a small breasted woman I am going to agree with you here.. I am glad for them.

I say it's time for you to get out of Dodge anyway... come to the NorthEast! or head to the other coast near your kiddos. I know that's easier said than done,but damn, life is too short to not love where you're living, even if it's in a two room studio but you step outside and you love love love where you live. I say do that :-)