Friday, May 1, 2015

More to Discover

On the porch a vintage cupboard

Filled with seldom used kitchen stuff,
more outdoor candle holders, popcorn maker
tupperware used only for large holiday, rice cooker etc.

A dresser normally in a bedroom
 does fabulous storage duty.
Very deep drawers hold scads of items.

From stationery to holiday paper products, 
summer outdoor tablecloths, 
recipe folders, cookbooks and more

Anything long and skinny goes here:
Chopsticks, drinking straws, plastic serve ware
magnets, cheese servers, etc.

Another drawer in kitchen made available
for other supplies.

I only use cloth napkins, so I have many....
The porch is right off the kitchen making
 all of this easy to grab.

My platters, pitchers, and cake plates are stored 
out in the open and
look pretty. Yes, I need to do a 
quick wash before using, 
but that takes just a minute.

Next time you are feeling overcrowded
with stuff look at your arrangements
 and maybe repurpose furniture for
a different use, and keep an eagle eye out
for sets of drawers and cupboards
when attending fleas, auctions and garage sales.

Because I store items in so many ways,
the usual storage places like kitchen drawers
and closets can be kept neat and tidy
because nothing is overcrowded.
When things are tidy,
you can find everything
 and clean it much easier.

Hope some of these 
give you ideas for your home.
More are coming...


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love all your unique storage solutions and the cabinets you find are wonderful. I have a large dresser I use to store placemats and napkins in. The stoneware display is my favorite.

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

I'm lovin' peaking in your drawers and storage places. My fav is the napkins and the box!