Thursday, April 30, 2015

How DOES She Do It?

Folks are always surprised when I 
decorate for the holidays or a party.
I am always asked 
"Where did it all come from?"
"Where do you hide it all?"
Over my many years of homekeeping
and organizing for others, I guess I've got a few tricks 
up my sleeve, like a magician with cards.
Follow along and I'll share some with you.
Look behind the curtain and spot the wizard....

Tucked into a corner,
three vintage cheese boxes

Cookie Cutters

Potpourri for Fall Decorating

Pinecones for Winter Decorating

Normally these would take up space in a garage, pantry
or other storage closet.  Now they are hidden in 
plain sight.

Small cupboard I picked up cheap 15 years
 ago and painted. It is tucked
 into another corner in the family room.

You can see why- how cute is this?

In it I store all my indoor candles,
sets of hanging outdoor mason jar candles
 videos, and DVD's.

On top sit two small lift top vintage boxes that hold 
candle votives and battery votives
 that come out in mass for parties.

Storing my extra sets of dishes
out in the open is pretty,
and saves an entire cupboard or two!

A small lidded vintage basket 
holds all the latest catalogs and 
my Sudoku books,
keeping the coffee table always tidy.
I just pitch it all inside at the end of the evening.

An attractive vintage basket on top of
the fridge holds my
napkins and placemats at the ready
for counter or table, yet still out of sight. 
Another drawer freed up for other things.

A small cute mirrored cabinet 
holds spices.

Another rack holds more.
More space in drawers and cupboard.

Lift top antique trunk holds a dozen throws for 
winter cuddling.

That's just in the kitchen
and family room.
Come back for more...


Tanya said...

I've seen it done with my own eyes - Z's amazing at the organizational stuff! XOXO

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Wonderful ways to hide in plain sight all sorts of things!

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Riveting.....can't wait for more!

Barbara said...

Great ideas - aren't vintage boxes and baskets wonderful!!!

Jill said...

And, I assume anything that didn't fit...donated or sold. :)

joanne said...

amazing how you see things in a different way and organize it into something special. lookin' good.

Jillayne said...

Brilliant ideas all through this post - love the basket of napkins on the fridge - I am so stealing that one! I also use only cloth napkins and it usually involves a last minute trudge up to the over-flowing linen closet. I guess that's next on my hit-list...