Monday, April 20, 2015

Friends And A Small World

Hannah and Katie

My daughter had the great fortune to be roomed 
with a New Jersey girl named Katie when she 
attended NYU.
Subsequently they shared apts for years
after the dorm.
To say they bonded would be an understatement.
They have remained close 
even with all the miles now in between them.

Hannah flew to NYC last weekend
to attend Katie's mom's wedding.
Here's where the small world comes in....

The bride and groom were high school sweethearts
in New Jersey who went their separate ways 
and lived across the country from each other,
 only to reconnect
many years later post divorces and children.

The groom also has a daughter
and are you ready?...
She attended elementary school 
here in lala land with my darling daughter!
A small world indeed.

Hannah sent me these
shots of her and her bff
and the fact that I've barely 
heard from her in days,
means a grand time is being had 
back in the big city. 

Katie is a talented, vibrant, and funny girl
who does great music mixes.
my favorites
Walking Around the West Village
Folkin Around
I Will Survive
Check her out and please give her some love.

Hats off to long lost loves, friendships
and our gigantic, very small world.


Karen Ann said...

Small world indeed, wow! And those kinds of friendships are golden, and rare.

Tracey Broome said...

I thought that first photo was a picture of you! Wow, you two look alike!!! So pretty. How lucky to have a bff for so long. I cringe at the thought of reconnecting with my old school classmates, haha

helen tilston said...

What a marvellous story. A tale of two entwined friendships and to then meet his daughter whom she knew too.
Are there coincidences?

Kathy said...

It is funny how small this big world really is!

Jill said...

What a great story! I'll go check out your link now.

Kit said...

Oh such lovely ladies! I love to hear of friendships like these. I cheer on all the ways we can connect with folks. It makes for a wonderful world indeed. :) Kit

Nella Miller said...

Hannah is beautiful! As is her friend....lovely story! Xoxo