Saturday, May 2, 2015

Into the Closets

Are you still with me?
I've shown a lot of this before
but there are new folks visiting so...

This is the pantry.
Note the extra storage on door  
and baskets often can hold 
more items in less space.
No ant issues ever with jars.

Above the  washer and dryer I added 
shelves right after I moved in.
Wicker trays, serving trays, pizza peels, cookie racks,
oversized casseroles all find a home.
Baskets hold hangers for delicates and hanging.
They also hold letters for my church sign,
plastic rubbermaid storage containers,
to-go tumblers, and metal bakeware.

I added more shelves tucked into the corner for 
appliances. Wraps find a home on an angled wall
up out of the way;
again freeing up drawer space in kitchen.

See the basket tucked back on the floor?
There are two of them. 
One for kitchen towels waiting to be
washed and one for cleaning rags.
Also see the rod coming out from wall?
That holds pant hangers used for drip dry.

The entire closet is covered by floor to ceiling
 corduroy curtains that I love, 
that I got from Ikea many years ago.
Last but not least, a fold up and out
hanger for drip dry on the back of garage door.

Now many of you have more space,
more closets, attics, basements.
Some have smaller homes.
Some of you also have storage issues
regardless of size.
We all have the same home keeping issues.
I am showing ways to add storage 
within your own footprint,
regardless of footage.
I am hoping to spark your imagination.

There are many posts
about organization that you can find by
searching in top left bar or 
in labels section on right sidebar.
As always before organizing, do a good purge.
We all, unless you live in a "tiny" house
 (under 350 sq feet)
have more than we need.
But then again, they prove
how LITTLE we do NEED.

It's Spring, get crackin',
you'll be amazed at how good it feels.
I am overhauling the garage.
I will show when complete.
Look here to see how DD lives in 
a wee organized space of 400'

Enjoy your weekends 


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love how you make use of every available space. I can add more storage in my laundry room for sure!


Dog Trot Farm said...

How organized you are...I am so impressed...thank you for all the tips and ideas...could I borrow you for a day or two? Have a lovely day...greetings from Maine, Julie...

Kathy said...

Another great post of ideas. I am going on the hunt for a better rack for my wraps. I like yours better than what I have and would like to re-organize under my kitchen sink. Great inspiration!