Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What The Hell Have You Been Doing?

Had a friend say to me
"What the hell have you been doing?
You haven't posted in two weeks."

well almost two weeks... 12 days

It's not that I have been uber busy, 
but I have been doing stuff.

I hate the glorification of busy 
some people practice these days.
"I'm sorry I didn't blog, tweet, instagram FB whatever,
 cause I am sooooooo busy"

Well maybe if you didn't do all that crap all day,
all the time, you might have time to do some other stuff.

I post when I have something to say, or rant about,
or maybe I'm excited about some one or some thing.
I don't think y'all need to hear my daily thoughts.
They might scare you, puzzle you or
tick you off politically anyway.

Like recently I am obsessed with household 
hints I've never heard before. Thank you Pinterest!
I love sharing them like I did today with Annie,
teaching her the right way to peel a banana. 
Yep.... doing it wrong most of you....
from the bottom ladies, no strings

I loved watching the Dave Clark Five and Hollies Specials
and Your Inner Fish. 
I relive and ponder stuff like that for days.
That then makes me relive
 my youth and travel down memory lane and then I veer off
into what was unplanned and sorrows and


see you don't want to follow my daily thoughts
too often or too far. 
My brain and mouth often stop mid thought
 and careen into another realm.
see? scary crap

I am working several jobs, which I love, but
both are quite physical so this old gal is bushed 
when she comes home..and I rarely get anything else done.
Not even tv viewing of which I do very little anyway, 
except the aforementioned Specials.

That means on my days off I have to get everything else done. 
Never had a housecleaner, 
in fact I used to be one
when I first got married and we were dead broke.
I have a yard guy who comes 1 day in the Spring and Fall
 for major cleanup only.
So it's up to me to keep this house ship shape
and that takes effort and time.

Also been helping my pal Annie
 get ready for a big garage sale this weekend
and making stuff for my booth
and scrounging for stuff for darling daughter's 
apt soon to be in LA.
( fingers crossed - jobs needed)
( they freelance)

Also a couple gal pal lunches and visits.
so see? doing stuff....
just not posting
but I read you all
and love when you read me.

so the answer is:
Loving my Kids
Loving my Life
Loving my Jobs

peeling bananas 
like the monkeys do
not monkey see, monkey do

see monkey

60 years of doing it WRONG

now THAT IS really 

What the HELL?


Tracey Broome said...

You sound GOOD! It's nice to be happy isn't it?!
I like your rants and ramblings, its good company for my blog of the same nature:)
I read a post the other day that said "I didn't want a career, I wanted a life". I wholeheartedly agree with this philosophy, I think that fits you as well. Love your life, love what you do, love your family, what more is there!?!?

Lana said...

YOU are absolutely hilarious!!! There is a big part of me (most parts ARE big...incl. my heart!)..but I digress/ I wish I lived closer to Z or vicey-versey. :) I love your style. And this time I mean your "style" know. Those important peeling fruit, and working your butt off, and coming home exhausted! (I, too, used to clean houses for awhile..after my retirement from teaching little children)...Anyhoo. We all love you!!

Kathy said...

LOL, loved this post! When I suddenly veer off my train of thought I call it "seeing a squirrel" and it happens to me ALL the time.

Carmen Sutton said...

I love it thanks for this post, eating bananas wrong all this time what the hell!

Art and Sand said...

I was so surprised when my son showed me the way monkeys peel bananas. I have to say, I tend to use my old way out of habit.

I have been posting less because scrubbing walls and painting woodwork is not blog worthy, but they need to be done.

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Never heard of the banana thing... I'll try it today. Humans copying monkeys. Good, fun stuff. :)

Tanya said...

You think the banana thing was cool, wait til I send you the video of how to separate egg yolks from whites with a drink bottle! You'll REALLY be doing a happy dance! XOXO

Bonny said...

I knew there was a reason I go to your blog. I'm on the same page as you. Today it seems if I haven't twittered, added status to FB or pictures to Instagram, I may as well just quit. HA! I'll do it when I have something I think is awesome to me. Thanks for your thoughts - and I do love reading your thoughts, makes me smile.

Jill said...

Nooooo, years of doing it wrong for me too!! Will try that soon, will have to wait though until the kids eat the bananas we have because I had one today and it was gross. Weirdest textured banana I've ever had. I understand the doing stuff. And, just blogging when it feels right. I've never understood apologies for not posting. Congrats to your kids for getting the funding!! Woohoo! That is big.

joanne said...

omg soooo funny and just what i needed tonite.

jffollies said...

Big grin here, thank you.

Nella Miller said...

You are the best! Kick starting my day, with my morning coffee...always a smile, or laugh, advice or something I didn't know !! Yes, life is good! Enjoy every second of it! I don't ever understand how boredom can enter into this beautiful world !! N.xo

Curtains in My Tree said...