Friday, April 25, 2014


Ben and Anam 
are very active members of cARTel
Ben made video ( heylookamonster)
Why I never talk to
SOOOO busy 
but working busy

Give it a view and a Like if you do

20 days till the girl is home
Her bed is piled with surprises for new Apt.
I am having so much fun finding bargains and deals,
and I am scoring some major stuff.
Life is so damn good..
and just because I shared with a few gals already,
I thought I'd share this lovely pic of what part of me
 looks like after a day at one of my great jobs. ..and I mean
GREAT, as in LOVE doing it.
it's gross...

and those are not hairy legs,
 the dirt goes all the way up to my knees
(my nails are painted grey BTW
well of course they are!)
One gal said I looked like a cadaver

and on that happy note I leave you
to enjoy a great weekend.
I know I will.



Beatnheart said...

good on ya...yeah it's tough for us wimmin of a certain age to do the hard labor stuff...well burned lots of calories ....xxc

Jackie said...

Hey a little hard work never killed anyone....but I am not taking any chances! Good for you and the money will buy lots of massages and pedicures, I hope!! Well, at least you don't have big black anchors tattooed across your feet, um, let's just say someone in this box does!

June said...

Whatever you're doing looks like you're doing it up good :))))
love ya!

Tracey Broome said...

Great video, that's where I want to be! We had matching feet yesterday:)

erin's art and gardens said...

Awesome video! Your feet though ....ew.... Lol

Kathy said...

What exactly IS this job you are doing? Those look like my gardening in flip flops feet!

Maywyn Studio said...

Whew! When I saw the small pic of your feet, I thought had been injured. Dirt is good.
BTW, I have the same color nail polish that I thought was gray but it tints towards khaki green.