Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rolling Papers And The Universe

Rolled papers all day yesterday
Taking these and others up to
Goat Feathers booth this week.

Today I think I'll paint some
word canvas, right after I go to market.
I've been out of staples for days.
No milk, juice, bread,
Tried to figure out a dish made solely
from condiments, but....
I have an entire fridge door of condiments
and no bleeping food!

Anyone else hate market shopping?
I hate getting dressed to go 2 blocks.
If I look really bad,
sans makeup and wearing paint or food
 splattered clothes,
you can GUARANTEE I'll see
someone snotty I do not wish to see,
and word will spread that I really am unkempt 
unless at work..
At work, both jobs, I also get really dirty
perhaps I am unusually and frequently unkempt. 
Do I care?
Not a fig.

This week?
I'm plunging head first into painting 
my kitchen cabinets,
or should I say repainting?
I painted them about 15 years ago.
I have a week off from both jobs, so

I am going Grey!
I was thinking of grey but when I 
and met this lively, oh so friendly gal,
 and then spied a color 
Pittsburgh Grey..
"It's a sign"

I was hooked.
The universe was talking.

I stood there debating
and while listening to Josie give us directions and 
hints and ideas freely with none of that
other gobbeldy gook you get elsewhere in
other shops selling paint, I thought...

Even though it is NOT in my budget,
I am going to support this woman and 
her independent small business.
I gladly plunked down the cash
and I know I will be thrilled.

and THEN
quite by chance
and here is where the universe comes back in.
My First boss told me about Josie's shop
and that is why I stopped in.
I go to my other job the next day 
and tell Second Boss
about this great shop I went to,
 and about painting my cabinets.

Second Boss is doing an auction later that week,
 and meets a paint gal there and gives her 
her card as introduction.
The paint gal says she just met a Suzan 
who works at the auction place.
You guessed it!
Second Boss just met Josie!

When the universe speaks
Pay Attention.


Kathy said...

Book pages were not the first thing that popped into my head when I read rolling papers - Ha!
Can't wait to see what the new kitchen looks like. I am loving the new grey we are seeing everywhere, too.

Claudia said...

Love the way the universe works!

I agree with Kathy - I thought of something very different when I saw "Rolling Papers!" By the way, I had about the same situation in my kitchen yesterday. Nothing left!


Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

I go to the market & city just as I am. Jeans etc & no make-up. Those who judge others for not looking like a super model are in need of a karma makeover.

I'm going gray this year too, painting a lot of furniture pieces light gray. Love the soft, quiet look.

OK, so now I'm off to visit the site you've shared.

Have a good one, Z.
~ Lin

erin's art and gardens said...

great story! i had to laugh at "rolling papers" which can also mean papers to roll marijuana! lol .....when i go to market i am dirty from the garden or covered in paint....seems to be no good time to go.

Romeo said...

Yep, hate to go to the grocery store. Same issues.... how come the refrigerator is full AND the cabinets but there is nothing to eat?!? Told myself today that I really need to go get groceries. Didn't happen. At least the cats have food.

Can't wait to see the newly painted cabinets! Been loving the greys for some time but have resisted. I keep hoping this shall pass. Because you know if I can't get to the grocery store, how the heck am I going to paint all those cabinets?!?!?

Hugs to you, ear rubs for the kids.

"her" and Romeo

Beatnheart said...

Rolling papers bought me here.

Maywyn Studio said...

Thank you for a post that creates smiles
What I don't enjoy is changing my clothes to go to the store. Not all bulky sweaters will hide the paint on my indoor clothes.
Throw on one of those big chunky necklaces to anchor your glamour. I think you can wear them with anything and look gorgeous.

Kit said...

It was meant to be! Have fun painting. I love it. Kit

Jillayne said...

Cool - I love stories like this. And I am keen to hear about your cabinet painting - I have finally convinced my husband to let me do the one in the smallest bathroom, as a test of my ability, and I am trying to decide on the right colour. Tell me how yours goes, please!

Lana said...

amen! listening is essential!...and I'm so glad you do! :) Hugs, lady.