Saturday, March 1, 2014


I was out in the yard trying to bring the mess of
it all back under control when I heard a screech
 followed by 
tap tap tap
tap tap tap

Right above my head was this fella 
who was not the slightest bit nervous to have me 
checking him out or bothered 
when I ran inside to get my camera.

Now you other folks with lots of 
winged wildlife will scoff but to me
 this guy is a miracle.
I have only seen one other woodpecker 
in my yard in 20 years 
and that was when the kids were tiny.

I quickly looked up NV birds and I think he is 
a male downy woodpecker..
If you know he is not, please tell me what he is.
(I am told he is a ladder backed)
He hung around over an hour
and cheered me up after another 
"interesting" day.

The yard is still not done,
major tree trims needed, $$$$
some disease attacking two of them
 and the guy has not shown up twice.
The pollen from the worst tree had to be scooped 
out of my gutter in BUCKET FULLS, 
with me dangling from a ladder.
I love my shady yard but this labor is just too
much anymore..or I'm too old or maybe both.
Think about all the snow most of you
 have shoveled this winter.. that...... ARGH!!!!!

My handyman replaced my 20 year old
bathroom faucets yesterday but
the hot is on the right and the cold on the left now,
and he thinks I'm ridiculous to mind...
talked to me like I was 2 years old, AND says
he hooked them up exactly the way
 they were originally plumbed...sigh

I made some Italian Mac and Cheese
last night for dinner (pinterest recipe)
and I plan to drown myself in a heaping bowl
in about 2 minutes, and cheer the heck up...

or maybe I'll rant into the ****It Bucket
later tonight...

left is right, right is left
hot is cold, cold is hot
of course 
what's the big deal?

that's like me signing


you'd know it was me right?


Tracey Broome said...

Mac and cheese solves all the worlds problems, at least for me!
I was on the phone with who I bet might be the daughter of your handyman today, one hour with paypal, and finally I said, never mind, I'll figure it out myself...... Should have made some mac and cheese!

Jill said...

LOL, to the Q not your problems, but Mac and Cheese to drown your sorrows?? I think big bowl of buttered popcorn would be much better.

Terra said...

I like that gorgeous bird.

Sarah said...

Given my extensive Ornithological background, I know you won't be surprised that I believe Its a ladder backed woodpecker. They're pretty common here actually.

Kathy said...

Oh good grief, it seems to me it would take some effort to reverse your faucets - what a dork!! YES, I would mind. Glad Woody came along to cheer you up.

Ronda Garland said...

That is a beautiful picture. I know he also would of cheered me up. He was singing to you Z, everything is going to be alright. He was meant to visit you. So glad you were home.

Nella Miller said...

Suz, of course he was sent to cheer you up...nothing like that just happens! As much as I love gardening, the last few years have been a struggle with the amount we do ourselves...mostly me..this year we are cutting back even more! I think the tap issue would have made me want to slap him!! Hang in there and make popcorn....N.xo

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Grrrrr to repair guys who are idiots! Enjoy your mac and cheese and good luck with the yard. So glad you saw the Woodpecker, he would have made my day also.

Lana said...

I absolutely LOVED this post!!!! The charm of the woodpecker and your uncontainable joy in seeing it...and it seeing you. The faucets of hot/not hot-cold/not cold...left right/up down...ladders and buckets and crap. O it's so nice to see others (our distance friend, Suzan) as a real sister to all of us. Love your writing, Z. Just love it. You gracefully let us know you.

Lana said...

Or is it Q ? :)