Thursday, March 20, 2014


I make lists....
I write them down
and do them in my head.
and in the car

This morning I sprayed on my
"Happy" from Clinique 
and thought about all the different colognes
I have worn in 50 years.
In no particular order
and shaking of my head wondering huh at some?
here they are

L'Eau du Temps
Ma Griffe 
Jessica McClintock
Este Lauder Youth Dew
Chanel 5
Sweet Honesty
Amazing Grace
Lemon Up
Issey Miyake
Muguet de Bois
Gap ( forget which one)
Eddie Bauer ( forget which one)
Heaven Scent
Rive Gauche
White Shoulders
Wind Song

and I've forgotten  more I'm sure

OK that is hilarious!
Funnier still, is I rarely wear any cologne.
The heavy ones I wore when I was much younger
and now I select only light crisp scents
or soft subtle ones.
In the last five years I've worn only

Amazing grace
Don't think I'll vary a thing

Now.... about the guys I dated..
 not going there...


Tracey Broome said...

What a blast from the past! I searched endlessly in my youth for my "signature" scent. For a long time it was Opium or Shalimar. But I also wore Channel and Fendi, back in the day when I had money,ha.
My best friend in High School always wore Tabu, remember that one? I was in an antique store the other day and a woman was wearing it,took me right back to 11th grade.....
Now I love bath and body's cherry blossom lotion, don't do perfumes anymore, makes me sneeze :-)

Tanya @ Bead and Needle said...

The fact that I am reading this at 7:10 am, and you way that you've already sprayed cologne on for the day amazes me!!! Rock ON - hope your day holds many wonderful scents! XOXO said...

I have been wearing happy for years! Totally love it and never seem to find anything that can beat it for me. Why change a good thing right.
Now about old boyfriends that's a whole mother blog that I'm sure I'd get in trouble for .

-Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

I'm a bit picky about fragrance Z. I never buy anything endorsed by a celebrity !! I loved all of the Philosophy ' Grace's ". Before that it was Clinique ' Elixir ' { in fact, I think that I'll buy another bottle } Agent Provocateur is on my dressing table and I am now wearing Aveda Chakra No.2 'cos it smells of geranium and that's my favourite and it's very hard to find a perfume with geranium fragrance. When I was in my 20's, it was Madam Rochas and Femme Rochas !! I haven't thought of those two for years …. I wonder if I would still like them ? XXXX

Nella Miller said...

Tee Hee!! That was fun reading !! N.xoxo

Art and Sand said...

I have only used about 5 or 6 on the list. My nose does not work so I don't wear scents because I am afraid of putting on too much and not knowing it.

I love Chanel No. 5

Kit said...

Love this! I wore Heaven Scent when I was about 20 and then switched to Skin by Bonne Bell when my soon to be husband liked it. I love it and its the only scent I wear now. :) Kit

Jill said...

My list would be much shorter. Many years nothing but not because I didn't want to wear it. Mostly hard to find one that I really like on me. I do love perfume. I have a new one as of this Christmas that I am really enjoying. From Ralph Lauren...can't remember the name right now.

Lana said...

loved the post~ beginning with "Charlie" :) ah...lists! Thank you for being a friend...

Kathy said...

I had to laugh because CK Summer is the only thing I have been wearing lately, when I wear fragrance at all. My list would be very short as I spent so many years wearing suits to the office so I always wore one fragrance, Avon's Far Away, because i naturally, didn't have the suits cleaned after every wearing and mixing fragrances can end up with some unhappy results. I think I will spray on some Summer today!

Maywyn Studio said...

Great post! Interesting way to look at one's history.
I've worn 5 on your list. I have almost a full bottle of Cachet.
Avon's To A Wild Rose, Ciara, (by?), and Azuree (by Estee Lauder) are the three I wore the most over the years. Today, I rarely wear cologne.

Jackie said...

I am a list maker too. I write down every day of the week and what is going down on each day. I cannot survivie without my lists! As far as perfume, I wore firefox from avon in my twenties but then allergies got the best of me and if I put any on now I end up sneezing the night away. But sometimes a lady will pass by with a great scent on and I think I wish I could smell that good!