Monday, March 10, 2014

Guests A La Z

I love having folks stay with me.
I find joy in pampering my loved ones whether it is a
family member or overnight local friend
spending the night so we can get an
early start on a CA road trip.

I do have a set way of doing things
and thought I would share,
in case you would like to adopt some of the ideas.

Each bed has 2 soft pillows and 2 medium/firm,
hopefully meeting each person's needs in some format.
Two firm shams for sitting up in bed.
Also I make every bed with 2 top flat sheets,
because sometimes you just need a slight cover
 and 1 is just too flimsy. One is placed on the bed 
right side down and then folded back over the top sheet
which is made right side up.
Next is always a light blanket or quilt,
topped with a down comforter or spread
accordion folded so it can be pulled up easily.
This way the guest has many cooling/warmth options
without having to ask the host.

I always place a throw in the room
 so a quick nap can be taken without
undoing all the linens.

Drapes/shades that can be drawn
to darken the room.

Two bedside lamps within reach while in bed
and a place to lay a book, a glass, cell phone.
If lights cannot be within reach then 
plug them into those cool remote clicker gizmos.
I buy extras after Christmas for 75% off and
 use them everywhere in my house year round.

Empty drawers so that longer staying 
guests can unpack, 
and if you are unable to do this
provide a luggage rack, bench, stool.. 
up off the floor.
I do both.

Do not make a guest push your clothes 
aside to hang theirs. Empty a large space for them 
and provide a supply of NICE hangers please,
so they know they are just for them.

In each room I provide:

A large mirror
(no one wants to walk out into a shared hallway
without a quick check in the morning)
books/ magazines
(gear toward guests tastes if known)
Deck of Cards
( a salvation for me in a room if I cannot sleep)

Fresh Pretty Towels
I stack one of each 
washcloth, hand, bath, per guest and 
stack and tie with ribbon and 
leave in their room,
if the bath is to be shared with others.
There is then no doubt and the question
"which towels can I use?"
Vary the style between guests please, 
to avoid confusion, and wash 
or replace every two days.

I also provide a guest basket
 for each room containing
a note saying
"Please enjoy"
and I fill with 
Sample Sizes

Body Wash
(Try to select non gender specific)
Disposable shower cap

Bottled water
Perhaps some snacks

new Toothbrushes,
new Disposable Razors
Small Hand Soaps
mini scrunchy pouffs
and disposable slippers/mini peds
when I can find them cheap.
( frequently the dollar section in Target)
Usually a basket costs me less than 10.00
and often none or only a few are used
so unopened items can be saved for next time,
so I rarely spend 10.00 per visit..

I provide one freshly washed robe per room.

At the sink I provide both liquid soap and bar soap.

In the shower toilet area,
hooks to hang wet towels so that
 they dry quickly and extra toilet paper
in view and "within reach".
If you do not have insets in shower for 
toiletries then please provide an 
over the shower rack.
No one enjoys a shower while holding onto a
bottle etc or having them precariously
 balanced on the tub lip.

You do not have a dedicated guest room?
They're on the couch? Or a blow up?
You can still adapt many of these pleasures
 for your guests.
Make sure you have plumped
 up the sofa/blow up to make it comfy.
When I have to enlist the couch for 
more space I first lay down a folded feather bed
or comforter before I make it up and it becomes a cloud...
"Make up" the couch/blow up to make it pretty,
don't just hand them a stack of linens, and say goodnight.
Provide a bedside lamp and table ( maybe a foldaway)
and perhaps a luggage rack out of the way.
All the other small luxuries can be left in the bath.
Be-ribboned towels, gift basket etc.

who's coming over to stay?


Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Do you take reservations?

jinxxxygirl said...

Seriously??? Wow! You do take your visitors seriously... Here its pretty much welcome to my home such as it is and let me know if you need anything....geez......Hugs! deb

Tanya @ Bead and Needle said...

Better be careful...whoever it is may never want to leave!!!! This is better than most hotels, Z. DEFINITELY the "Hostess with the Mostest"! XOXO

regan said...

I'm on my way!!! :o)

And it's so funny.....we do practically the exact same things! I always want my guests to feel like I really wanted them to stay....and all those little touches make that happen! I also stop by the store usually the day before anyone arrives, and I pick up regular coffee (we only have decaf usually), different pints of milk options (cheap to toss if no one uses them, but a must for drinks), and I always pick up one of those little 3 or 4 bloom flower bunches (if I don't have any in the garden) to put in a vase in their room. It's the first thing I get happy comments I never forget to do it!

Tracey Broome said...

Bag is packed and I have booked my flight!
I did much of this for our recent monk visitors and they were so happy. They have been staying in homes and various other situations for a year, and they told us our home was the most special place they had been. It doesn't take much to make a guest feel comfortable in your home, but there are plenty of folks that just don't make the effort!

Jill said...

The thought of visiting and being pampered is wonderful!! Never fear...I'm way too far away!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Wonderful ideas and you do make your guests feel very special! Love the way the bed linens look!

Blondie's Journal said...

This is perfect. We have guests all summer long and I never seem to get things right. Your rooms look comfy and cozy and show how much you care about your guest.


Kathy said...

I want to stay at your house - just like a luxury hotel!!
Way different that what I grew up with. My Dad always said don't make guests too comfortable or they might stay too long - lol!! I'm not quite that bad.

joanne said...

you should open a b/b, I would love to come visit. You have some fantastic ideas for making your guests feel warm and welcome.

Nella Miller said...

I'm sure there's a line up already!! And those guest rooms look so inviting, without the extra amenities....Thank you for the idea of putting down a feather bed first, if the couch is pressed into little fox....always the best ideas!
Not surprised at any of this, I can tell you have a wonderful heart, and would give only your best, N.xoxo

erin's art and gardens said...

I'll be right over! I love your attention to detail.

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Did I ever tell you how cosy I think your home is... especialy that second room. it´s so pretty - who wouldn´t want to visit :-)

Delena said...

Awesome and inviting. Your guests are very lucky!