Sunday, March 30, 2014

If You Have One Minute

Damn ....I know I'm going to the well again, but if 
you could please go to this link 
and vote for 
The Pink Sorrys.
Winning this will help them finish their funding.
One vote per person please.

This is such an important film that these bright talented 
young people are trying to get made.
It is about gang rape in India and if you have not 
been aware of the problem - google it.
Yes, this is for my son and his girlfriend.
They have tirelessly worked on this 
project for many months. 
Big name folks have signed on but they 
still need the funding. 
My kids aren't making any money,
they're just working their butts off trying to 
make meaningful films.

Yes I am asking a huge favor.
It will cost you nothing but a scant minute of your time.
I will be ever so grateful
and love you all more than I already do.
Thank you.

....and thanks to the great chums who showed up
and supported the sale today..
and Judy.... I hate you for the whipped cream donuts,
and Judy.... I love you for the whipped cream donuts.
Have you guys hit PINK BOX Donuts yet?

Walking Dead Finale
Thank heaven for Mad Men return and 
Bletchley Circle
what ever would I do?

please vote, pretty please?


Tracey Broome said...

I think I voted but I didn't get a confirmation, will keep checking and let you know.
I'll probably be doing this one of these days when Wes graduates :)

Amber said...

You got it Sista. Just clicked over and voted! Much luck to them!!

Kathy said...

Voted! No need for you to apologize for promoting your children. It is what Mamas do!

Karen said...


Art and Sand said...

I voted and wish them luck.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Voted! Fingers crossed for them!

Lana said...

Got it! :)

Tracey Broome said...

DANG IT! I wrote this whole long blog about you and had a link to vote, and then I rushed out the door and just now discovered it didn't post! I guess I forgot to push the right button :(
So sorry, but I hope they got the votes anyway....