Wednesday, May 1, 2013



Growing up in the 50's - 60's
there were not a lot of big stores to shop in.
In my neck of the woods,
there was Sears, JC Penny, Murphys and Monkey Wards.

Families seemed to divide themselves into
the Sears families and the Penny's families.
People rarely frequented both.
We were of the Sears clan.
I think because my Dad was such
a Craftsman fan, as am I.

So it is no surprise that I had not set foot in
a JC Penny store in nearly 30 years,
(Sears, maybe a handful).
Target was my home.

Needing new glasses, I had 
ventured into the mall on Monday.
I am as foreign to a mall,
 as honey boo boo is to good manners.
What made me turn into JCP is a mystery.
Perhaps it was because I have been following
 the ousting of JCP leader Mr. Johnson, 
and the MS lawsuit, who knows, but turn I did.

Straight in to one of the nicest
shopping experiences I have had in years!
Designer style in nearly every dept,
and at fabulous prices.
I could give a hoot about a name, but quality
and good design, always a plus.
Bright, beautiful, organized displays are everywhere
 Liz Claiborne, Betsy Johnson,
Michael Graves, Conran, Jonathan Adler,
Nicole Miller and more.
I wandered the store for over an hour,
 and walked out with a bag of clothes,
and I NEVER buy clothes.
I found dozens of things in 
each department that I loved.
I was waited on by a lovely gal Josephine,
who checked me out on the spot with a hand held.

I caught myself just smiling and humming,
and was headed down to customer service to leave a good 
review for Josephine when I was approached
on the escalator by a nice man
 commenting that I seemed to be having a good day.
 Turns out he is a manager.
We stood and chatted a few minutes and I raved about the
store and told him I would be back.

Which I was....
The NEXT day!

That night I saw a pop up ad for JCP
eye wear for 2 for 99.00 (bifocal extra)
I had shopped Lens Crafters the day before and found
400.00 for a single pair of bifocals a bit too much.
(and that was 40% off!)
Back to JCP where Cheryl 
spent an hour helping me select TWO pair of
fabulous, just what I wanted, 
even better quality lenses than LC,
 at get this...

100.00 less!

So Johnson may be out,
I hear it had a lot to do with couponing,
(they have brought them back),
but he did something really right,
because I have not been this excited about anything
since the spin mop and TJ's cookie dough spread.

This morning I saw a great new tv ad about how 
JCP has changed and they got some things wrong,
and some things right, but come to visit.
No kidding my friends.
Go visit.

Check out the sequin docksiders for 14.00.
The LULU polka dot bowed clutch for under 40.00.
and uh, did I mention an entire Sephora 
smack in the middle of the store? 

uh oh, I think I need to go back.

Looking for Z?


Anonymous said...

Yes, some people simply could not get over the fact that there are no longer coupons... for heaven sakes, folks... get with the new program. I love the new Penneys with OR without coupons!

Bead and Needle said...

Now I know where to look!

We were Monkey Wards people...funny - I haven't heard that in years. My Mom loves Penneys...I'm just glad they got the whole "new concept" stuff figured out before a TOTAL disaster, and they're back on track! And new clothes - you GO, GIRL!!! Happy May Day, Z - Tanya

Hartwood Roses said...

I am going to take your advice and give JCP another try. Last time I was there was years ago, and I was less than thrilled with the selection and quality of the merchandise. My husband and I were talking about the decline of JCP, and we were thinking that Kohl's has JCP's former customer base. I never considered that Target was also part of the reason.

Tracey Broome said...

I saw that JCP ad and have been following their ups and downs for a while. About 20 years ago, I was a sales rep for Janport backpacks and JCP was a huge account for me, I was in their stores all the time setting up displays. The stores always seemed so dated to me, and I never think about going in there. They really should hire you for their promotion, I am more likely to go now than I was just watching the ad on TV,

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

great post. I've always been a JCP fan, even when I became home bound I shopped there online.

sending my daughter there for her glasses! thanks for the heads up.

Mrs Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

This made me smile! We were a Sears family too. But then when I was a teen Pennys seemed to have some more interesting clothes, then later ... back to Sears for household things. Well done you on those glasses, and learning to shop in a mall. Minerva x

regan said...

I rarely shop in malls (bleck!) but I've been to a couple of JCP's in the last couple of years! Awesome! They seem to be the only store that I can find bigger-gal sized clothing without looking like my grandma or a teenager! And their prices have been reasonable all along the way. So glad you had a good experience, and that you got to pass that along with the manager! Having worked retail for the last 15 years, I can tell you that managers rarely hear the good stuff, but spend all day trying to fix the crap! I'll bet you made his day!

The Boston Lady said...

"Monkey Wards"...LOL. I've always preferred JCP to Sears, myself, just habit. It's always my go-to place, so glad you had such a good experience. Ann

Blondie's Journal said...

I became reacquainted with JCP a few years ago when my daughter started raving about their clothes. So I did the same as you and was totally impressed. I have also found some beautiful essentials for my home and always at a great price.

I recently read that they are going to be getting a huge loan from Goldberg Sachs (I think that's who it is), to get back in the saddle. I'm also glad to see the coupons come's a psychological incentive for shoppers in my opinion.


Kathy said...

I rarely buy "new" clothes other than shoes, socks and undies and have a strong dislike for malls,especially after my nearest one had a shooter a few months ago but the glasses might just lure me back in. I ususaly pay about $300 for my prescription at Lens Crafters, even with the stipend my insurance pays. Might just check out JCP!

joanne said...

we were a Sears family too, but after I left home and started working at Sears I became a JCP shopper...I don't know why. Haven't been there in several years, nor the mall, but perhaps I shall treat myself and check it out on the word of the infamous 'Z.'

miss flibbertigibbet said...

I agree...I thought they had been doing a good job and I have shopped there several times over the past few years. I was surprised they were having difficulty! I haven't gone yet this Spring, but I will be. I saw that commercial this morning.

Nella said...

Suz, so funny you should be posting this today...I always listen to CBC radio when I am at home or driving in my car...Canadian Broadcast is awesome...and they had a segment on JCP trying to change up their image over the last year to be more like the Apple stores, sparse, white more minimalistic, etc etc... I guess it was disastrous for them, so they sent out the ad about messing up and being their for the customer...genius I think! I plan on making a trek over the border this weekend to check JCP out! We can compare notes! N.xo

Susy said...

I don't shop ~ but this is pretty compelling. Funny, I have no recollection of shopping anywhere as a kid, except the local "dime store". Life was simple.

Jill said...

JCP has bailed us out many a time...swimsuit last summer for a preteen...suit for my 18 y/o, well within budget...and on it goes. They blinged out the little gals clothes too much in the past years so I go elsewhere for those right now. I'm glad you had a such a great experience.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I was always a Sears girl but I will give JCP a try next time I'm shopping! There is one not too far from me now. Good review and I like the sound of their service.

Jillayne said...

In Canada, we had Simpson's Sears and Eatons - we were Sears.... I do so love a good department store and now we haven't any....
I saw the ads start rolling the other day and wondered what it was all about... I do like it when someone, or something says they were wrong - I hate corporate double speak, so regardless of what's actually in the stores, they won me over with the ads - the next time I am in the USA, I'll be sure to go.... and I'll be watching for ya z.

Anonymous said...

well imagine that I haven't shopped JCP since I was a teenager and it was my Mom's dime (and on sale). My parents were actually Sears People :)

must love junk said...

So interesting! I'll have to check out my JCP again! :)

Romeo said...

I was in there probably four or five months ago and was delighted by what I saw! Huge changes and wonderful unexpected ones at that! Yes, next time I need to go clothes shopping, that's where I'm heading!


"her" and Romeo

Evi said...

thank God, somebody feels the way I feel about JCP! I too hate malls [usually I stick to HomeGoods and TJ Max}, but I "almost" always loved JCP. Just got rid of shirts I bought hubby about 25 years ago. They were timeless blue jeans shirts, and the quality great.
I am hoping that people will gain confidence again in JCP.
Suz, I am still not up to snuff.
Peter is doing somewhat better....
Sending you hugs and love,