Friday, May 10, 2013

If It Has Wheels Or Balls

"Got er done"


If it has wheels or balls 
you're gonna have trouble with it.

Begin with DD getting new laptop as grad present.
Fed Ex tries to deliver but she is not there
 to sign because of her new job and very long hours.
She calls and arranges for it to be sent 
to Queens for her to pick up on Saturday.
They have her drivers license info so they send it...
In what universe does that make sense?

I am just leaving house this a.m to go to 
_ _ _
yeah yeah

to pick up second pair of glasses that came in
when Fed Ex comes by.
Oh NO!

I explain the situation.
He says it'll be faster if he takes it with him,
and she should call ASAP, to make arrangements.

DD cannot get phone calls at work, 
so I quickly text her, leave her 
voicemail with tracking # etc
and assume all is well.

I head out to run long list of errands for class tomorrow.
Frantic text from DD.
They are returning with Box.
Her Dad will come pick it up,
she's got him involved now, since he purchased for her,
and could I please go home and wait.

A few hours later I get email.
Her Dad has decided to overnight it to her.
Sent her ( not me, dumb a--) the shipping label, 
which then she has to forward to me,
and I am to wait some more and sign for box then
reroute via new shipping label.
That was nearly 5 hours ago.
Still no Fed Ex.
It has wheels, he has balls.
Trouble with it.

I know you are sick of hearing BUT,
while picking up glasses,

JCP has POP UP Shop
with glasses for $149.00 with FREE no line bifocals

Holy Moly I wish they had these last week,
though I am thrilled with pairs I did get.
Only through this Sunday. 
Unbelievably GREAT frames,
several hundred to choose from
TRUST me - go check it out...
if you need glasses.

oh, and as I have told a few other gals 
who also loved Bella..
Bella will be getting a sister coffee maker 
since I sold a couple more totes. WoOt!

now a moratorium on jcp
pinkie swear?


Terra said...

The coffee maker looks intriguing, what kind is it? You had a busy few days/hours rushing packages, mail around. Have a great weekend.

Donna Wilkes said...

I once spent a whole day waiting for a Fed Ex package that had to be signed for since it was from overseas. For hours I watched as Fed Ex trucks drove by my house. (My street is only one block long deeply embedded in a small neighborhood.) I called customer service who assured me my package was on a truck and would be there within the hour. So I waited. I called again and found out the different colors on the trucks mean different packages. Finally two days later it arrived.

I feel your pain!

Bead and Needle said...

Glad you finally got to JCP - what a nightmare!!! Bella's sister is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I'll keep JCP in mind now when it comes time to buy glasses again...RIP to your coffee pot and crock pot choices :)

c. Joy said...

'balls or wheels' I'm laughing and snorting... truth is like that. Happy Mother's Day!

Tracey Broome said...

Oh Bella!!!!! I'm gonna need a JCP gift card for Mother's Day......

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh my on the computer...why does it have to get so complicated?? I have to get my eyes checked first, but I will check JCP for glasses when the time comes. And I still have a crush on Bella and oh that coffee maker has me interested also!


Claudia said...

Love that quilted look on Bella and the coffee maker - the story about the FedEx shipment made me laugh - not at the frustration your daughter must be feeling, but in commiseration. Been there.

Enjoy your soon-to-be-new coffeemaker!


erin said...

sometimes life is soooo un-necessarily COMPLI-MICATED! love your darling banner!! congrats to your darling daughter on her new job...can't wait to hear what adorable bill murray is really like?
happy moms day!

Kathy said...

What a frustrating saga!!! My husband is the official package-waiter around here and they are usually his packages so I am oblivious to this pain, thank goodness!
I seriously adore that banner and wish I was there to learn the how-to.

Faded Charm said...

Why can it never be easy, I ask you??? What a Mother will do for her daughter:-)

Wishing you a happy day, my friend!


Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

long behind and catching up. Love your post even though you didn´t think it was a great day. I hope you cope with the heat. I do the same as you when the heat gets hear. still a cold over here though - that´s great.
Have a great day friend.
ps Love the coffee maker.

Cindy said...

BAHHHHAHHHAHHHHAAAAHHHAAAA! I am truly sorry for all your troubles, but this made me laugh and I really needed it!

I have had a few of those days lately! mostly concerning the ones with balls!